NATA Safety 1st Ground Audit Program - Becoming a Ground Auditor
How do I become an NATA Safety 1st Ground Auditor?
Auditor candidates who meet the qualification requirements must attend the NATA Safety 1st auditor training to be accredited as an NATA Safety 1st ground auditor and conduct NATA Safety 1st ground audits. NATA Safety 1st auditor training shall include the following topics:
  • NATA Safety 1st Audit Standards
  • NATA Safety 1st Audit Checklists and NATA Safety 1st Audit Standards Guidance
  • Principles of auditing relevant to NATA Safety 1st audits
  • NATA Safety 1st Registry, Registry Requirements and Registry Process
  • Applicable government regulations

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What are the requirements to become an NATA Safety 1st Ground Auditor?
Auditors must have at least 5 years of on-the-job experience in one or more areas of aviation safety, operations, and/or maintenance. A minimum of 2 years of this experience must be in a decision-making position with the authority to define, execute and/or control projects or processes with responsibility for the outcome.
Completion of a relevant aviation or safety-related degree program from an accredited college, university, or technical school may be substituted for one or more years of on-the-job experience. Documented evidence of completion must accompany the application. NATA Safety 1st will determine the relevance of the degree program and the equivalent years of on-the-job experience to be allowed, based on the highest degree attained, in accordance with the following guidelines:
  • Technical or trade school diploma: up to one year
  • Associate degree or equivalent: up to two years
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent: up to three years
  • Masters degree or equivalent: up to four years
  • Doctoral degree or equivalent: up to five years
In order to substitute an appropriate degree program for on-the-job experience, applicants must have completed at least three formal courses related to aviation safety from any of the areas listed below. Proof of satisfactory completion must accompany application.
  • Aviation Safety Programs
  • Aviation Accident Investigation
  • Safety management Systems (preferably aviation)
  • Commercial Aviation Safety Programs
  • Occupational Safety and Health Programs
  • Safety Management
  • Aviation Operations Management
  • Aviation Maintenance Management
  • Safety Data Collection and Analysis 
  • Certification as an ISO Quality auditor
Additional Qualifications
  • Aviation Industry Standards and Best Practices
  • Safety Management System and Safety Risk Management
  • Quality Assurance Systems
  • EPA Standarads
  • OSHA Standards
  • You have been an aviation auditor for XX amount of years
At its discretion, NATA Safety 1st may approve and accept other types and combinations or relevant experience that it determines to be equivalent in depth and breadth to the requirements specified above. 
What is the duration and Renewal of Accreditation? 
The term of accreditation shall be 24 months from the last day of the auditor accreditation training. The auditor must register for recurrent training within three months of the expiration date.
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