Education and Training
Through continuing education, you and your team can enhance the professional skills needed to maximize personal and professional contributions to the day-to-day efficiency of your operation. NATA helps you better serve your customers by offering additional learning opportunities in the following categories:
Seminars And Workshops
Events And Conferences
Committee Activities
Online Learning
Professional Line Service Training (PLST)
PLST Online is the best way to train, and recurrently train, the men and women out on the tarmac who marshal, fuel and manage the aircraft, crew and passengers that are the lifeblood of any FBO. No available in French! Click here to learn more or to access training.
Line Service Supervision & Training Management Online (Supervisor Online)
Supervisor Online is comprised of 8 modules, which when completed, will fulfill the FAA's 139.321 supervisory requirements. The employee's certificates will meet both the 14 CFR Part 139 Section 321 (e)1 supervisor fire safety training requirements and the Line Service Supervisor training. Click here to learn more or to access training.
Aircraft Flight Coordinator Training (AFCT Online)
The Aircraft Flight Coordinator Training (AFCT) sets a new standard in training for schedulers, dispatchers and all of those within your organization who participate in flight planning and release processes. AFCT is a certification program that provides core flight coordinator knowledge with an emphasis on safety and technical expertise to assist crews with in-depth flight planning. Click here to learn more, watch a demo of the online training or to access training.
De/Anti Icing
NATA's Safety 1st De/Anti Icing module is designed specifically for the general aviation industry to familiarize line service specialists with the responsibility of their job and give an overview of the skills necessary for safe aircraft departures in winter weather. Click here to learn more or to access training.
Click here to view De/Anti Icing video.
Customer Service, Safety & Security (CSSS)
The Customer Service, Safety and Security (CSSS) training includes customer service, safety and security best practices and procedures - all combined in a thorough online package for consistenet training of your entire staff. Click here to learn more or to access training.
Safety and Health Training for Aviation Facilities (OSHA)
Maintaining a safe operation and work environment is more than good business; it keeps your operation safe, secure and fully compliant with OSHA. Safety 1st has many aviation safety awareness training modules from which to choose. Each company can build numerous curriculums to fit the needs of their organization. Click here to learn more or to access training.
Click here to view Safety and Health Training for Aviation Facilities video.
E-learn Webinars
NATA’s new E-learn program is designed to enhance your education from the convenience of your site. E-learn includes several webinars specially priced at $49.95 as well as free policy and event preview webinars. The registration rate for the scheduled webinars includes participation for one computer/connection in the live webinar, a pdf copy of the presentations and any additional materials. These 60 minute webinars complement NATA’s networking Summit, Conference and seminars by bringing experts on the hottest topics to you throughout the year. Click here for E-learn webinar schedule.
Flight Crew Briefings
This briefing is a customized online training tool that provides pilots and other flight crew members flying into and out of airports access to critical safety information, including its location, layout, operations, regulations, and safety and security procedures. Click here to view briefings.
View Ramp Communications Video for Pilots and Ground Personnel.