What's New - April 2020

1. All Safety 1st Training Center users now have the ability to utilize the CrewID program at no cost! Use the link below or within the LMS to sign up to receive your initial CrewID badges for your entire team at no charge!

2. F008 – DEF Contamination has been added to the following default Course Tracks:

  • PLST - After F005 in Block 4.
  • LSST - After F005 in Block 4.
  • CSR - After F005 in Block 3.

3. We have updated our custom Course Tracks feature:

  • Custom tracks are now required to be designated a Role and are only assignable to students within that Role. For Example, a student within the CSR Role cannot be assigned a Course Track designated to the Line Service Role and vice versa. See our knowledge base to learn more.

4. We have upgraded the functionality for building custom Course Tracks allowing you to: 

5. Firm Administrators can now make other users Firm Administrators without contacting NATA (NOTE: You should only make an individual a Firm Admin if you intend for them to have FULL operational access to your system). See our knowledge base to learn more.

6. The OJT/Practical Exam page and report now shows “Completed By” so you can see who signed off a particular item.

What's New - February 2020

1. F008 – DEF Contamination Prevention is now available in the Safety 1st Training Center! This new course can be immediately added to any custom Course Track and will be fully incorporated into the SFTC as follows:

  • March 1st, 2020: F008 – DEF Contamination Prevention will be added to ALL default Course Tracks*:  
  • PLST – Block 1
  • LSST – Block 1
  • CSR – Block 1
  • April 1st, 2020: F008 – DEF Contamination Prevention will be a requirement for both Over-Wing and Single-Point Refueling ratings**. 

*Additions to default Course Tracks are RETROACTIVE, meaning all students assigned a default Course Track must log in to complete the new course(s) added.

 ** Students who currently hold Over-Wing or Single-Point Refueling ratings must complete F008 – DEF Contamination Prevention on or before April 1st, 2020. Failure to do so will result in a loss of those ratings.

2. We have upgraded the custom Course Track building functionality to allow you to create a custom Course Track directly from an existing default Track (PLST, LSST, CSR) saving significant time! Please review our Knowledge Base article to learn more.

3. Administrators can now choose to see inactive students in their account. Check out our Knowledge Base article to learn more.

4. We have made some changes to our Terms of Service. Be sure to review those changes.