NATA Statement Regarding Ethical Conduct for General Aviation Businesses

NATA is pleased to offer the “Statement Regarding Ethical Conduct” for general aviation businesses – outlining the Association’s ongoing commitment to promoting the highest ethical standards and integrity throughout the industry.  

NATA’s Board of Directors recognizes the vital need for all aviation businesses to adopt and adhere to a code of ethics that enforces company values, promotes fair business practices and deters wrongdoing.  The heart of NATA’s mission is to empower general aviation businesses to act safely and with integrity. These attributes have historically been a key part of the success of the general aviation industry. 

NATA’s Board of Directors firmly believes that general aviation businesses should adhere to the ethical principles of Safety, Integrity, Accountability and Respect. NATA strongly encourages all general aviation businesses to establish and enforce a code of ethics using these four guiding principles. 

NATA’s Statement Regarding Ethical Conduct is borne of careful consideration and the fusion of decades of industry experience. We hope that it serves as a guide for our members and aviation businesses everywhere.