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October 17, 2011     null     Volume 10 Issue 42
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nullNATA President James K. Coyne Comments On Airport’s Plan To Compete With Private Business

In a letter last week to Corpus Christi Mayor Joe Adame, NATA President and CEO James K. Coyne warned the city of the dangers of blindly approving the Corpus Christi International Airport’s proposed plan to enter into direct competition with private business by owning and operating an FBO on the airport. “NATA is extremely concerned about the possibility that the Corpus Christi International Airport will place itself in the unique position of both competitor with and regulator of private enterprise,” said Coyne. “When combined with the loss of private investment in airport development, increased liability for the city and exposure to marketplace volatility speak loudly about the dangers of an airport assuming the role of marketplace competitor with existing private business.”

Last month, Corpus Christi International Airport Director Fred Segundo presented a plan titled “Proposed FBO Development Plan” to the city council for approval. This plan called for a dramatic shift in policy for the airport upon the conclusion of the existing leases of the two private FBOs located on the field later this year. The new plan envisions offering one of the two FBO leaseholds out to bid for a private business, while the airport retains ownership and operational control of the second FBO, creating a situation where the airport would be acting as both landlord and competitor to a private business. The airport’s plan cites one of the primary benefits of this plan as being “competitive pricing alternatives,” a mysterious term considering there are currently two private FBOs already competing for business on the field. “Since there are currently two separate businesses providing competing FBO services at the airport, it must be assumed that the “competitive pricing alternatives” will be derived from the airport sponsor utilizing its advantages as a governmental entity and landlord to allow its own FBO to provide lower prices for fuel and ground handling than would otherwise result from fair market competition,” noted Coyne in his letter to the Mayor.

NATA strongly believes that airport sponsors utilizing their advantageous position as a sponsor and governmental entity to gain an economic advantage over private business while in direct competition on an airfield is a clear violation of the federal grant assurances. Because the harm to existing private businesses begins the moment they are subjected to economic discrimination by an airport sponsor, NATA further believes that sponsors must be required to demonstrate that they are not economically discriminating against their own tenants prior to engaging those tenants in market place competition. 

Click here to read the full letter from Coyne to Mayor Adame.

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nullCoyne Addresses NBAA Convention Audience On California Avgas Issue

Last week in Las Vegas, NATA President and CEO James K. Coyne participated in an NBAA 2011 Annual Meeting and Convention panel of association leaders discussing the most pressing issues faced by general aviation (GA). Listed in the order in which they appeared on stage, the leaders were NATA President and CEO James K. Coyne, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) President and CEO Craig Fuller, General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) President and CEO Pete Bunce, National Business Aviation Association President and CEO Ed Bolen (roundtable host), Experimental Aircraft Association President and CEO Rod Hightower, Helicopter Association International President Matt Zuccaro and Alliance for Aviation Across America Executive Director Selena Shilad. (A four-part recording of the panel discussion can be found on NBAA’s Web site at

AOPA’s Fuller began by addressing how the pilot community is responding to the administration's recent targeting of GA with a proposal for per-flight user fees. GAMA’s Bunce spoke about the administration's reversal on bonus depreciation for GA aircraft and the panel also addressed the legal threat to suppliers of aviation gasoline (avgas) in California and proposed legislation in the House and Senate that could shut down urban airspace to helicopters based on unverified noise complaints. Bolen introduced the discussion on avgas by calling it a state level proposal with the ability to devastate or destroy the industry.

NATA’s Coyne said, “The avgas issue is a very serious attack on a fundamental component of our industry, aviation fuel.” Proposition 65 passed by California voters about 25 years ago is designed to give concerned citizens the right to take actions against those who might be exposing the community to hazardous chemicals. This past May, a law firm/environmental group began an action against FBOs, distributors and manufacturers of avgas due to lead content.

Coyne noted that this environmental group in California believes that it knows best and is attempting to ban avgas in the state unilaterally. However, NATA, in partnership with the other industry associations, has been working with the FAA and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on the issue of leaded avgas for a number of years and firmly believes that the federal forum is where this issue belongs. Coyne went on to discuss the lawsuit brought against the environmental group and the state by those named in the Proposition 65 action, saying, “[FBOs] and distributors are arguing that the state doesn’t have the authority to undertake this unilateral effort. The federal government has a pre-emption, and the federal government should be the body for the debate, research and development of alternative fuels…the battle will be long and expensive. I want to congratulate everyone who has been working on this.” (This part of the recording can be found at

Coyne also pointed out that this Proposition 65 action result in requiring every airport that sells avgas to have to warn every individual who lives near or passes by an airport about the lead that is emitted from piston-engine airplanes. “It would be a public relations catastrophe for airports in California on which we are critically dependant and ones we have been fighting for years to preserve. We would be required to send out information to the community that could raise unnecessary fears and promote an anti-aircraft backlash with the potential of affecting every airport. Organizations like Alliance for Aviation Across America and others will have to come back stronger to support these local airports against one of the worst public relations nightmares,” said Coyne.  (This part of the recording can be found at

Coyne stressed that we have to become more active in dealing with Congress, especially as there will be a lot of newly elected Members of Congress. It is important that we help them understand the vast importance of our industry. We need to be even more active on the airport level and hold more events to get the association leaders, community members, Chambers Of Commerce, safety and health officials, and universities together to talk about how crucial the industry is to the local level. “Yesterday, Senator Manchin said that if we don’t shape the importance of our community, someone else will,” Coyne concluded.

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nullInside Washington Blog

NATA Vice President of Government and Industry Affairs Eric R. Byer’s latest blog focuses on how the time is now to act in opposition of the President’s user fee proposal.

To read Byer’s blog, please click here.

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nullAviation Association Of Indiana Hears From NATA Staff On The Future Of Avgas

Last week, NATA Director of Regulatory Affairs Michael France provided an update on the future of aviation gasoline (avgas) to the Aviation Association of Indiana (AAI). France’s presentation, titled Beyond 100LL, provided an update on the issues affecting the future availability of 100LL avgas as well as the past and current efforts underway across the industry to facilitate an eventual transition to an unleaded fuel. “What is particularly remarkable about this current effort is the scope of participation across our industry and government. The current Unleaded Avgas Transition Aviation Rulemaking Committee consists of representatives from the FAA, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, all types of aircraft owners and operators, aircraft and engine manufactures, avgas producers, distributors and FBOs all working together to chart a course towards an unleaded future for general aviation,” noted France.

In January of this year, FAA Administrator J. Randolph Babbitt chartered the Unleaded Avgas Transition Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) to investigate, prioritize, and summarize the current issues relating to the transition to an unleaded avgas as well as to provide recommendations for collaborative industry-government initiatives to facilitate the development and deployment of an unleaded avgas with the least impact on the existing piston-engine aircraft fleet. For more information on the Unleaded Avgas Transition ARC please visit the FAA Web site by clicking here.

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nullNovember Brings Flight Restrictions To Hawaii
Economic Summit TFR Planned For November 11-13

The Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting is planned for November 12-13, 2011 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The President and several other world leaders are expected to attend this event, triggering a temporary flight restriction (TFR) that will impact all aircraft operations in the vicinity.

The TFR announced via FAA Flight Advisory explains that a 40 NM ring will be established encompassing the entire island of Oahu. Within the 40 NM ring, two separate 10 NM rings will be established. Restrictions are expected to begin the evening of November 11 and last through November 13.

Active flight plans, discrete transponder codes and two-way radio communications will be required within the entire TFR. Several types of operations will be prohibited within the TFR, including flight training and banner towing. Operations within the two 10 NM rings will be required to pass through an authorized gateway airport where aircraft, crew and passenger screening will occur.

The designated gateway airports are:
  • San Francisco (KSFO)
  • Long Beach (KLGB)
  • Hilo International (PHTO) Kona International (PHKO)
  • Lihue Airport (PHLI)
  • Molokai (PHMK)
    Kahului (PHOG)

A Transportation Security Administration security screening site will be established at Honolulu for aircraft departing during the effective times of the TFR.

Operators based in the area or planning flights to Hawaii are strongly encouraged to review the Flight Advisory to aid in preparations. NATA cautions that the final NOTAMs have not yet been published and all information published in the Flight Advisory is subject to change. Ensuring knowledge of compliance with NOTAMs current at the time of flight is critical.

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nullNextant 400XT Aircraft Receives FAA Certification

Recently, NATA sustaining member Nextant Aerospace announced that it has received FAA certification for its Nextant 400XT aircraft. The FAA certification is the final step in the approval process for the 400XT. The first retail deliveries of the planes began earlier this month with fractional aircraft provider Flight Options purchasing 40 aircraft.

Nextant’s remanufacturing process, which requires more than 6,000 man-hours per plane, enables it to deliver a factory-standardized product that features significantly evolved technology, increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness, improved range and a life expectancy “that meets or exceeds competitive products.”

To learn more about this announcement, please click here.

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nullLast LSST This Year – Don’ Miss It

NATA’s Line Service Supervisor Training (LSST) seminar will conclude the year in Atlanta, Georgia, on November 7-8. If you haven’t renewed your supervisory fire safety certification (14 CFR Part 139.321), this is your last chance before our next LSST in 2012. Additionally, there is a special offering – if you sign up on or before October 24, you will receive a free copy of NATA’s Refueling and Quality Control Procedures for Airport Service and Support Operations – a value of $195! Copies will be handed out at the seminar.

Take less than a minute to view Dr. Todd Dewett’s video invitation to the LSST in Atlanta, November 7-8, at Dr. Dewett is one of the most popular and knowledgeable speakers at the seminar along with Reed Fuller, ServiceElements, McBreen & Kopko, Walter Chartrand, Amy Koranda and Michael France.

We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta!

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nullThird-Time Attendees, Andrea And Dan Montgomery, Talk About Benefits Of NATA’s FBO Success Seminar

Visit to find out what long-time NATA FBO Success Seminar attendees Andrea and Dan Montgomery of Montgomery Aviation have to say about why they will attend this seminar a third time in Atlanta, Georgia on November 8-10. NATA Director of Safety and Training Amy Koranda interviews Andi and Dan about why they feel that this is one of NATA’s most valuable seminars, time and time again. Click here to listen to some of the most important reasons for attending this November.  

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nullLet Work For You

Ever wish you could make an announcement or market a service or product to other NATA members? NATA offers a free marketing service to all NATA members - the Classifieds section of The Classifieds section is designed to allow members to post their own press releases and classified ads. Check boxes in the press release area enable members to target specific audiences. The classifieds are divided into three sections, Jobs, RFPs and Industry Press Releases, which can be marketed to all members, or to specific member groups.

Discover how can work for you today. Choose Classifieds off the Membership drop-down menu on the top bar of the homepage or contact Linda Pylant for more information.

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nullNATA Apparel Now On Sale

The store is now offering embroidered Adidas Golf Apparel. Choose from an Adidas Men's or Ladies style ClimaLite Interlock Polo for $29.99 or an Adidas Relaxed Fit Adjustable NATA Logo Golf Cap for $14.99.

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nullNew NATA Benefit: What Does HD Supply Have For NATA Members?

Everything from lighting to janitorial products, paint and sundries to pool supplies, HVAC to hardware, window coverings to walkie-talkies…. HD Supply even carries hospitality supplies like linens, towels, soaps, shampoos and hair dryers. Anything you may need for maintenance, repair and operation of your buildings and grounds. It’s all in their catalog.

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As a member of NATA, you receive the lowest checked price in the catalog, no matter what quantity you buy. This represents a savings of up to 11-14% off of the core catalog prices.

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nullFact Of The Week – NATA DASSP Resource Page

Did you know that NATA constantly updates its Issue Page with the latest information on nearly 500 different topics? For example, the Transportation Security Administration regularly updates its list of approved gateway airports allowing operators to fly to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. NATA posted its most recent update that can be reviewed on the association’s DASSP resource page by clicking here

To learn more about the NATA Issue Page, please click here.

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