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August 13, 2012   null   Volume 11 Issue 33

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nullCongress Asks FAA For Guidance On Airports Competing With Private Business

Last week, Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX) and 11 other Members of Congress asked the FAA to produce guidance on grant assurance compliance when airport sponsors enter into direct competition with their own tenants. One key component of the increasing trend of airport sponsors to choose to compete directly with existing on-airport private fixed base operators (FBOs) is the use of federal and state grant funding to subsidize these airport sponsor owned businesses.

The congressional letter to Administrator Huerta points out the competitive imbalance that can occur when one party is an arm of the government and can access grant funding provided by taxpayers while the other party (existing private businesses) cannot. Currently, federal grant assurances (agreements signed by airports in exchange for receiving Airport Improvement Program funding) prohibit airport sponsors from unjustly discriminating against private businesses. However, no guidance has yet been produced that interprets how those assurances apply when a sponsor chooses to compete with its own tenants.

“…We believe the temptation for Airport Sponsors to advance their own business interests, with the aid of taxpayer subsidies, to the detriment of privately-owned FBO’s may lead to abuse and unnecessary waste of increasingly limited taxpayer dollars. Therefore, we respectfully request that the FAA put controls in place to ensure that conflicts do not arise when Airport Sponsors assume the dual role of regulatory and competitor.”

Click here to view the full letter to the FAA.

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nullFAA Suspends Same Runway/Opposite Direction Operations

Following an incident at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) last week in which required minimum separation between three aircraft was lost due to controller miscommunications during same runway/opposite direction operations, the FAA has issued an Order temporarily suspending all such operations at airport certificated under Part 139.

A memo from FAA Chief Operating Officer, David Grizzle to Acting Administrator Huerta states, “Procedures for opposite direction arrivals and departures are not standard[ized]. We expect to have these detailed procedures in place across the system within a month.”

Click here to read the full Order.

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nullFAA Report Examines Importance Of General Aviation Airports

NATA participated in a recently released report by the FAA, General Aviation Airports: A National Asset, in which the agency examined nearly 3,000 general aviation airports, heliports and seaplane bases that take part in the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS). NPIAS airports are significant to the national air transportation system, and thus are eligible to receive federal grants under the Airport Improvement Program.

Released in May 2012, the analysis highlights the effects of general aviation airports on our society, economy and the aviation system. The aeronautical functions that are economically and effectively supported by the specified airports were examined, including emergency preparedness and response, direct transportation of people and freight, and commercial applications, including agricultural support and aerial surveying.

Through the report, the FAA will be able identify airports that can be included in the NPIAS list and will continue to report to Congress on added airports and updated findings. Also, as required by the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, the FAA will evaluate the formulation of the NPIAS and provide Congress with a report, due by spring 2015, on the findings. NATA looks forward to working with the FAA on this report as it continues towards a common goal of highlighting the pivotal role general aviation airports play to our nation’s air transportation system.

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nullPolicy Playbook Blog

This week, NATA Director of Regulatory Affairs Mike France discusses the media’s denigration of general aviation.

To review France’s blog, please click here.

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nullNew Legislation Proposes To Exempt Certain Air Taxi Services From Taxes On Transportation By Air

On July 31, 2012, U.S. Representative Don Yong (R-AK) introduced legislation, H.R. 6243, before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means that calls for an exemption of taxes on an on-demand flight that is used for multi-stop sightseeing. The legislation defines on-demand as “any flight for which the departure time, departure location, and arrival location are specifically negotiated with the customer.”

To review this legislation, please click here.

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nullUpdated Advisory Circular For Taxi Procedures

The FAA has released Advisory Circular 91-73B (AC) that addresses Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) during taxi for Part 91 and 135 operations.  The AC’s focus is to prevent runway incursions by enhancing situational awareness while reducing the pilot’s workload.

Aside from having current airport diagrams, the AC advises pilots to be aware of airport “hotspots” and to have a predetermined route of taxi before obtaining a clearance.  Great emphasis is placed on communication, recommending that pilots use proper phraseology and read backs and that they query air traffic control if any miscommunications arise.

Click here for the full AC.

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nullWeekly Regulatory Update

Relevant updates from the FAA, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Homeland Security are compiled each day from the Federal Register. The latest notices, rules and proposed rules can now be found in a single source by clicking here.  

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nullJoin The NATA State Advocacy Network Today

NATA launched a State Advocacy Network (SAN) in an effort to increase awareness of state and local issues among the general aviation industry. The network highlights ongoing state legislation, events, and opportunities for NATA members to raise issues or pose questions for association and industry assistance. The goal of the network is to have at least one NATA volunteer representative in each state who will serve as a liaison between member businesses, state legislatures, and the association. 

Many legislatures are done for the 2012 year, so now is the time to prepare for the next session to ensure that pending legislative issues that affect general aviation are resolved. SAN provides up-to-date information on imminent bills and ways network volunteers can work with their state officials to support bill passage.

To find out if your state is represented, if you would like to volunteer, or for more information on SAN, visit or email

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nullNATA To Host Fall Committee Meetings From September 10-11

NATA will host its 2012 Fall Committee Meeting program on September 10-11 at the Wyndham Dallas Love Field in Dallas, Texas. The association urges all committee members to make their reservations soon and would like to remind all members that they are invited to attend NATA's committee meetings as guests.

Your attendance at the meetings will also enable you to meet Thomas L. Hendricks, NATA's new president. Please don't miss this opportunity to give him your personal welcome to the association. Click here to read more about Tom Hendricks.

Please register for the meetings online by clicking here, or complete the appropriate participation form found at the links below and return it to Celeste Clark via email or by fax at (703) 845-8176 by September 7.

Committee Member Participation Form
Non-committee Member Participation Form

Hotel reservations must be made directly with the Wyndham Dallas Love Field. The telephone number to make reservations is (214) 357-8500.

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nullLast LSST And Safety 1st Trainer Seminars Of 2012 In September
Fall Seminars Coming To Dallas, TX

LSST Seminar – September 12-13
NATA’s Line Service Supervisor (LSST) seminar provides the training line service supervisors need to become more proficient in strategic planning, supervising staff, motivating others, communicating and coaching a team.

Who says learning can’t be fun? NATA’s LSST seminar is a high-impact, high-energy seminar and includes guided group debates, role playing, interactive games and various case studies designed to take your line service supervisors to a new level of leadership.

Dr. Todd Dewitt, Reed Fuller, Christine Hill and Mike France will be part of the September LSST speaker lineup. Knowledgeable, motivational, informative, fun and meaningful are just some of the adjectives attendees from the past seminars are using to describe these speakers.

Supervisors will return from this seminar armed with the techniques and knowledge to lead others with confidence and equipped with tips and ideas from speakers and peers to put into practice right away.

Click here for more information on NATA’s LSST seminar in Dallas.

NATA’s Safety 1st Seminar – September 14
NATA’s Safety 1st Trainer Seminar will be held in the same convenient location as the LSST. NATA’s Safety 1st Trainer Seminar delivers the in-depth instruction necessary to make these employees more effective line service supervisors and teachers. In the seminar, trainers will learn how to engage a variety of students, increase learning retention, present lesson plans effectively, and identify student verbal and nonverbal cues as well as many other skills. The seminar also includes instruction on the industry’s premier program for initial and recurrent training of line service specialists – known as PLST online or Professional Line Service Training. Minimize employee time away from the office and travel expenses, while maximizing your line safety training.

Click here for more information on NATA’s Safety 1st Trainer seminar in Dallas.

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nullAccess NATA’s 2012 Electronic Membership Directory

Click here to access the NATA 2012 Aviation Resource Book & Membership Directory.

In a continuous effort to provide the most up-to-date information available, the NATA 2012 Aviation Resource Book & Membership Directory is being offered as a user-friendly online document. Available from any Internet browser, this electronic version allows better access to member information as well as the opportunity for NATA to provide periodic updates, including the addition of new members.  

The new format of NATA's 2012 Aviation Resource Book & Membership Directory enables members to share access to this valuable resource with everyone in their operation. The option to click on advertisements and Internet addresses of members is available, and searching the directory is easier via a clickable member index. Members also may download the directory in PDF.

If you have any changes to your listing, please contact NATA at (800) 808-6282 or email You can also log on to the NATA Web site to make changes.

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nullBest Reasons To Buy Updated Refueling Manual
Special Summer Sale Price Until August 31, 2012

NATA’s Refueling and Quality Control Procedures for Airport Service and Support Operations ($109 for members) provides airport fuel service providers a comprehensive review of the many complex standards and requirements for the handling of aviation fuel in a way that is easy to understand. This manual is a teaching tool for new and seasoned fuel handling technicians alike. There is a wealth of information contained in this updated version, but here are a few of the best reasons for ordering a copy for your operation today:

  1. This complete rewrite adds color photos, practical tips and the latest on aviation fuel quality control
  2. The price of providing this quality resource is well worth avoiding even the possibility of a fuel quality-related incident
  3. Your employees are provided the information and practical knowledge they need to implement a strong fuel quality system

Click here to get your copy at the best price offered in 2012. All NATA publications are available for purchase at the NATA Store.

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nullNATA Wants To Hear From You!

To ensure that NATA is meeting your needs and providing value to your membership, a short membership satisfaction survey has been developed. Please take five minutes and let NATA know how your association is doing and how NATA can help.

Please click here to take the quick and easy survey.

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nullNATA Members Highlighted For Great Service

NATA would like to extend its congratulations to its members that were recently selected by readers of Aviation Industry News (AIN) as "specific individuals for going above and beyond when it comes to product/customer support" of aircraft, engines and avionics.

To read this article in its entirety, click here.  

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