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House to Vote This Week To Extend FAA Authorization For Six Months – ATC Privatization Debate Continues

This week, the House of Representatives is expected to approve a bill to extend the FAA’s current authorization through March 31, 2018, avoiding the expiration of aviation taxes including the various general aviation fuel taxes and the airline ticket tax. The agency’s current authorization expires September 30th. An extension of FAA funding authority will allow continued progress of NextGen modernization and prevent delays in critical airport infrastructure projects. The extension will also provide Congress more time to debate a controversial House proposal to create a privatized air traffic control system that poses a grave threat to the nation’s general aviation pilots, airports and aviation businesses.


Congressional action this week comes after NATA President Martin Hiller, along with the leaders of the major general aviation associations, sent a letter to congressional leaders requesting a six-month extension and reiterating general aviation’s opposition to ATC privatization. Although an extension will provide more time to deliberate the privatization proposal, a reauthorization bill could be considered on the House floor in early October. Therefore, it is imperative that you visit NATA’s Legislative Action Center or utilize the GA industry advocacy hotline, 833-GAVoice (833-428-6423), and tell your Representative to oppose ATC privatization. This is a critical time for general aviation and your voice is more important than ever if we are to prevent the privatization of our nation’s air traffic control system. Click here for NATA’s recent Podcast, which contains the latest information about the FAA reauthorization bill and impending extension.



New Podcast | NATA's 2017 Aviation Business Roundtable Agenda Highlights

NATA's Aviation Business Roundtable is the industry’s only conference dedicated to bringing together executives to discuss pressing issues facing the aviation business community and to look over the horizon at what’s ahead. In a new podcast, NATA EVPs Bill Deere and Tim Obitts share some of the highlights from this year's agenda.


During this year's NATA Aviation Business Roundtable, to be held in Washington, D.C. on November 7th and 8th, attendees will:

- Gain insight from FAA Administrator Michael P. Huerta on the current state of the nation's air transportation system and ongoing efforts to improve regulatory consistency across the FAA's regions and offices.
- Receive an inside look at the market and find out what is on the horizon for general aviation from top aviation industry analyst Richard Aboulafia.
- Hear from CNN political commentator Matt Lewis on how the Trump Administration is affecting the political landscape in Washington, DC, including the potential impact on proposals to privatize ATC.
- Stay ahead of the curve with the latest developments from general aviation leaders in the manufacturing, FBO and air charter sectors.


Sponsorship opportunities are also available, starting at $300. For more information about registration and sponsorship opportunities, please visit

Contribute to NATA’s Disaster Relief Campaign

NATA thanks our members who are assisting in disaster relief efforts around the nation. NATA has established a webpage to support American Red Cross efforts for areas impacted by natural disasters.

From generous humanitarian donations to collecting supplies and providing fuel, food and other amenities for emergency service crews, NATA aviation business members throughout the country are doing their part to assist in disaster relief.

Share your story with NATA so that we can highlight the important work, brave efforts and generosity of the aviation business community. If you haven’t done so already, please join NATA and our members in making a contribution today. Donations go directly to the American Red Cross.


NATA to Host Inaugural Ground Handling Safety Symposium This Week


On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, NATA will hold its inaugural Ground Handling Safety Symposium at the NTSB Training Center in Ashburn, VA. Developed by the NATA Safety Committee, the new annual event was designed to promote safety at FBOs and other businesses utilizing general aviation ground handling.

NATA would like to thank its sponsors: Atlantic Aviation, Aviation Business Strategies Group, Aviation Management Consulting Group, Baldwin Aviation,, FBO Partners, PecoFacet, ServiceElements International and Versant.


For symposium updates and pictures, please visit NATA’s social media channels.


 Association News

Remembering Nate Young, General Manager for Monterey Jet Center


NATA was saddened to learn of the passing of Nathan “Nate” Young, General Manager for long-time member Monterey Jet Center. In 1983, Young began his aviation career as a line service technician at Galvin Flying Service, at Boeing Field. He also became a private instrument rated pilot, logging over 1200 hours. In 1990, Nate joined Clay Lacy Aviation as the Customer and Line Service Manager. In 1997, he joined the Monterey Jet Center in Monterey, CA. Nate was involved with the company from the ground up, serving as its President/General Manager for 20 years. Read more.


NATA Seeking Sponsors and Training Facilities for 2018 Events

ATA is currently seeking FBO locations to host our 2018 training workshops, professional development seminars and regional town halls. Please note, the training space must have room to fit a minimum of 20-25 attendees comfortably.

This is a great opportunity for FBOs looking for direct contact with other aviation businesses. In addition to hosting our NATA members at your facility, your business will be featured on the event’s webpage, signage, in NATA News, and in other advertisement opportunities. In exchange for the use of your facility, your company will be named a sponsor.


Alternatively, paid sponsorship opportunities start at $250. Sponsors and host also have the option of promoting their business with marketing flyers and/or giveaways.


If interested in hosting or sponsoring, please contact Karissa Uko at or (202) 774-1513.


Speak with Your Broker About NATA's Workers Compensation Insurance Program


NATA's Workers Compensation Insurance Program, underwritten by global insurance leader Allianz, provides members with an additional workers compensation insurance option — including NATA’s signature “Good Experience Return (GER),” which provides savings based on group performance. Visit to get started or have your broker contact Chuck Couch of Allianz at (678)-393-4019 or NATA members can also participate in the QBE Program through the strategic relationship with IFBOA, which provided a GER in excess of 20% last year.


24/7 Emergency Inflight Support: NATA-Med powered by AirDocs


NATA-Med powered by AirDocs improves operational safety and provides inflight assistance 24/7. This brand-new Program — resourced by actual flight surgeons — was created by Harvey Watt & Company, in conjunction with former NASA/Space Shuttle Recovery Team Senior & Chief Flight Surgeons, and US Space Command/USAFR Senior Flight Surgeons. The Program delivers aid to Part 135, Part 125, Part 91 and Part 91K operators before, during and after flights:


- Preflight coverage includes the creation and maintenance of on-board medical kits appropriate for each aircraft and its mission, crew medical kit training, flight planning with real-time medical and travel information for locations on itinerary and Go/No Go Assessments.

- Inflight, users receive emergency advice, provided by flight surgeons.

- Post flight, the Program can coordinate ground medical assets and evacuations when appropriate and incident documentation reporting will be provided to management within twenty-four hours of the event.


Learn more at

 Industry Updates

NTSB Issues Safety Alerts on Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning for Pilots and Mechanics


Last week, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issued two safety alerts SA-070 and SA-069, warning mechanics and pilots that the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is generally overlooked and underestimated. A defect or leak in the exhaust pipes or muffler can introduce the colorless, odorless and tasteless gas into the cockpit — with sometimes fatal results.

The NTSB encourages aircraft mechanics to inspect exhaust systems, air ducting, firewalls, and door and window seals thoroughly at every 100-hour or annual inspection. The agency also recommends pilots to install a carbon monoxide detector on the instrument panel of their aircraft, noting that detectors with aural alerts and a flash notification are more likely to draw a pilot’s attention to the potentially lethal condition.


FAA Offers Fact Sheet on Avoiding Pilot Deviations


Pilot deviations can occur in several different ways. Airborne deviations can result when pilots stray from an assigned heading, altitude, or instrument procedure, or if they penetrate controlled or restricted airspace without ATC clearance. Ground deviations can happen while taxiing, taking off or landing without clearance, deviating from an assigned taxi route, or failing to hold short of an assigned clearance limit. To avoid pilot deviations, follow the steps in the #FlySafe fact sheet.


NATA Holds Final 2017 Advanced Line Service Workshop on November 14-15 in Ft. Myers, FL


On November 14th and 15th, NATA will hold its final 2017 Advanced Line Service (ALS) Workshop at Base Operations Page Field in Fort Myers, FL. This popular two-day workshop includes discussions on motivation and leadership techniques, customer service training and the impact of human factors on aviation ground handling. In addition, attendees will learn advanced aviation fuel handling and quality control, including hands-on training.


A participant from this month’s workshop at Duncan Aviation in Lincoln, NE had the following to say:

Ed Sabata of Duncan Aviation called the workshop, “one of the best training courses I have been to. Good refresher training to keep you motivated and on course. A great workshop for any line service rep.”

Register now for the November ALS Workshop in Fort Myers, FL!

  Member Spotlight

Bismarck Aero Center Receives Repair Station Certification from FAA


Bismarck Aero Center recently received its repair station certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Under the Repair Station (Part 145) certification, aircraft maintenance facilities are able to provide aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services with more FAA oversight. “Our complete in-house repair station now allows more flexibility and faster turnaround times, giving customers the support they have come to expect from us,” stated Howard Burns, Director of Maintenance at Bismarck Aero Center. Earlier this year, Bismarck Aero Center was recognized by NATA for annual training of 100% of all company maintenance technicians. Read more.


Conklin & de Decker Aircraft Acquisition Seminar to Take Place this Winter


On December 5th and 6th, Conklin & de Decker will host its Aircraft Acquisition Planning Seminar in Scottsdale, AZ. This event is designed to help the aircraft buyer, owner or aviation professional understand how to make an informed decision when buying and owning an aircraft. The seminar is tailored for anyone involved in the acquisition of an aircraft. Whether you are an aircraft owner, CPA, CFO, accountant, attorney, banker, or flight department personnel. Click here to view the agenda.




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