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NATA is the National Air Transportation Association 

Founded in 1940, NATA aggressively promotes safety and the success of aviation service businesses through its advocacy efforts before government, the media and the public as well as by providing valuable programs and forums to further its members’ prosperity.



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Upcoming Events

2010 FBO Leadership Conference - San Antonio, TX - 01/25/2010

FBO Success Seminar -Las Vegas, NV - 03/15/2010

Environmental Compliance Seminar -Las Vegas, NV - 03/15/2010

Line Service Supervisor Training -Las Vegas, NV - 03/15/2010

NATA Safety 1st Trainer -Las Vegas, NV - 03/15/2010

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General Aviation Loses An Industry Giant
Last week, the general aviation industry suffered the loss of an industry giant, former long-time General Aviation Manufacturers Association President Ed Stimpson. Stimpson, a non-smoker, passed away in his home in Boise, ID, at the age of 75 from complications arising from lung cancer.

Few individuals in recent history have had the profound impact and lasting impression on our industry as Stimpson. As president of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association for 25 years, he played a major role in many of the most significant and vital moments in general aviations history, including the establishment of the Airports and Airways Trust Fund, the allocation of aviation fuel during the 1970s oil embargo and the General Aviation Revitalization Act of 1994. His other accomplishments include leading the national Be A Pilot program, serving five years as the United States ambassador to the International Civil Aviation Organization and serving as chairman of the Flight Safety Foundation.

Even more than his accomplishments, what will be missed is Stimpson’s passion and devotion to people and our industry. He spent numerous hours mentoring and inspiring those in the general aviation industry. He also served on the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Board of Trustees, where a residence hall and a laboratory have been named in his honor.

Ed Stimpson is survived by his wife Dorothy.


Aviation Industry Requests NextGen Funding In Upcoming Jobs Bill
The U.S. House of Representatives will likely consider legislation, before Congress adjourns in December, to boost jobs by supplying more funding for infrastructure projects. NATA signed a joint letter with 17 aviation organizations requesting that Congress consider funding aviation infrastructure and the next generation air traffic control system (NextGen) in legislation to create more jobs in America. Aviation infrastructure funding will expedite NextGen capabilities and promote a platform for domestic job creation in civil aviation, an industry that generates over $1.2 trillion annually.

The public benefits from accelerated NextGen are numerous:  improved safety, job creation and retention, shorter flight times, reduced delays, and significant environmental benefits, including fewer carbon emissions, less noise and improved local air quality. In addition, NextGen will employ thousands of engineers, software developers and other high-tech workers to support a transition from a ground-based radar infrastructure system to a satellite-based infrastructure. Pilot and other aviation jobs such as maintenance and installation will benefit as well. A viable aviation sector enhances economic activity in a wide number of industries outside aviation, including travel and tourism and industries that rely on global inventories and shipping capability.

To view the letter, please click here.


FAA Withdraws Controversial 1995 Flight, Duty And Rest Proposal
The FAA has formally withdrawn a notice of proposed rulemaking issued in 1995 that sought to establish new crewmember flight, duty and rest regulations under a “one-size-fits-all” requirement.

The FAA’s proposal was widely criticized and received over 2,000 responses during the public comment period. The withdrawal action officially ends that attempt to craft new regulations, and was a necessary step for the agency as it has now embarked on a new rulemaking project to reform those regulations.

The notice to withdraw the old NPRM included reference to the recommendations submitted by the Part 135/125 Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) and also noted the efforts by this year’s airline-centric ARC. That the FAA has re-invigorated efforts to adopt new crewmember duty regulations is not a surprise, and NATA has been diligently following up with the agency to ensure that needs of the on-demand industry and how distinct it is from the scheduled airlines are understood. NATA has repeatedly been assured by top-level administration officials, including FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt that the agency will rely upon the Part 135/125 ARC when it proposes changes for the on-demand industry.

View the formal notice withdrawing the 1995 NPRM.


Coyne’s November Blog Post:
“If Darwin Landed At Your Airport What Would He Think?”
One hundred and fifty years ago, Charles Darwin published “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life,” but his thoughts about evolutionary biology are often compared to the ‘struggle for life’ in the 21st century world of business. It is commonplace in times of robust commercial competition to hear an economist, politician, or pundit remind us that “survival of the fittest” applies as much to financial entities as to finches. If Darwin could turn his attention from finches to FBOs and other aviation businesses, what evidence of economic evolution might he find in 2009? What new business ‘species’ are thriving? Are there enterprises on the verge of extinction? And where does your business stand? Click here to read on.


Byer’s Blog – Through-The-Fence Operations
NATA Manager of Regulatory Affairs Mike France is guest blogging this week on NATA Vice President Eric R. Byer’s blog, Inside Washington. Mike provides a discussion of the FAA-proposed guidance document on through-the-fence operations at federally obligated airports. Through-the-fence operations involve agreements between airport sponsors and property owners adjacent to airports that allow direct aircraft access from those properties to the airport. These types of agreements can often lead to significant problems for airport sponsors, including violations of federal grant assurances. Click here to read more.


Coyne To Host A Webinar Previewing The 2010 FBO Leadership Conference
Tuesday, December 1 At Noon, Register Now!
On Tuesday, December 1, at 12:00 Noon (EST), NATA President James K. Coyne will provide a preview of the 2010 FBO Leadership Conference to be held January 25-26, immediately preceding the NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference in San Antonio. The event focuses on change and features a general aviation leadership breakfast panel, including NBAA's Ed Bolen, GAMA's Pete Bunce, NATA's Jim Coyne and AOPA's Craig Fuller, as well as a customer service session with world-renowned Ritz Carlton Leadership Center and much more. A question and answer period will follow the presentation. For those who are unable to attend the Webinar, a recording will be available on the FBO Leadership events page:

Register for the Webinar at:

Register for NATA’s FBO Leadership Conference at:


2010 FBO Leadership Conference Is The Place To See The Latest And To Be Seen
Hurry Before Ideal Sponsorship Opportunities Are Gone!

NATA’s 2010 FBO Leadership Conference sponsorship opportunities offer high visibility focused directly at your target audience, the FBO and airport community. Our packages are designed to help you build brand loyalty, drive sales and provide meaningful access to your customers. Next year’s conference takes place from January 25-26, immediately preceding NBAA’s Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference in San Antonio.
Conference Banner
A sponsor will have its company logo on a 2’ x 6’ banner displayed in a prominent location of the meeting room and will receive a link on NATA’s Web page for the FBO Leadership Conference. A sponsoring company will also be provided a 50% discount on event registrations.

NATA’s 70th Birthday Party
Sponsors will have company logos included within the event program and company logos with links to their Web page on the NATA FBO Leadership Conference event Web page. Sponsoring companies will also be provided a 50% discount on event registrations. 

General Session, Breakfast & Luncheon Sponsorships
Sponsors will have company logos included within the event program and company logos with links to their Web page on NATA’s FBO Leadership Conference event Web page. Sponsoring companies will also be provided a 50% discount on event registrations

The following sessions and luncheon are still available:

  • Welcome Luncheon & Keynote Address
  • The Future of Aviation Security
  • The Future of Health Care & Impact on Small Businesses
  • General Aviation Industry Leadership Breakfast
  • Airport & Community Relations
  • How To Market Your Business at NBAA’s Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference
The general session “Building Business Partnerships in a Recession presented by the Ritz-Carlton Group” sponsorships are SOLD OUT.

To secure your preferred sponsorship opportunity, please contact Diane Gleason at or 703-575-2050. A pdf of sponsorship opportunities is available here.


NATA’s LSST Seminar At Spring Training
March 15-16, Las Vegas, Held In Conjunction With AIE
Build career knowledge, confidence and success with NATA's Line Service Supervisor Training Seminar at Spring Training Week in Las Vegas. This seminar, specifically designed for line service supervisors, provides the training you need to become more proficient in supervising staff, motivating others, communicating and coaching a team. This high-impact, high-energy seminar includes guided group debates, role playing, interactive games and various case studies designed to take you to a new level of leadership.

Seminar Benefits:

  • Discover your strengths and weaknesses through self-assessments
  • Learn to promote safety and synergy through teamwork
  • Instill a culture based on trust, partnership and respect
  • Analyze the technical information crucial to performing your job
  • Make your FBO more efficient by learning how to engage and motivate your staff

Among The Topics To Be Covered:

  • Attendee Self Assessments
  • Creating A Healthy Safety Culture
  • Leadership and Supervisor Essentials
  • Legal Compliance As A Leader
  • Employee Engagement / Effective Communication
  • Line Service Supervisor Technical Review
  • Simple Steps To Ensure Top-Notch Customer Service

NATA’s Spring Training Week…
NATA is pleased to host our second annual Spring Training Week in conjunction with the Aviation Industry Expo. This year’s Spring Training consists of several major league seminars designed to answer questions about the business climate, advance the skills of FBO owners, general managers, line service specialists and supervisors as well as enhance the success of their operation in any economic environment:


NATA Weekly Survey
NATA’s weekly surveys are part of an effort to obtain more information from our members to serve their daily needs better. These surveys range from specific policy topics to programs, products and services that the association provides or should provide. The association strongly encourages members to take a few moments to review and complete the online survey in each week’s edition of NATA News.

Should President Obama highlight the importance of funding for NextGen as a way to provide new employment during the December 3rd Jobs Summit at the White House?

Participate in survey.


Environmental Fact Of The Week
NATA’s quick facts on the aviation industry's effect on the environment are designed to ensure that members take every step necessary to minimize the effect aviation has on the environment while recognizing the initiatives the industry has taken to reduce global warming.

Cessna Aircraft Company’s Chairman and CEO Jack Pelton recently spoke before an international environmental congress in France. Pelton addressed the global nature of environmental issues and aviation’s record concerning environmental issues.

“Aviation has established an outstanding track record in reducing its environmental impact as we grow to meet rising demand for transportation around the world,” Pelton said. “We must pursue policies and practices that balance progress and technology with environmental sensitivity.” He also informed the group that general aviation has improved fuel efficiency by over 70% in the last forty years.

"It's important to note these improvements are a result of customer demand and market forces, not regulation," Pelton said. “Further reducing aviation's impact on climate change requires partnership between industry and government and a commitment to find realistic solutions with which everyone can live. If not, we risk damaging the growth and vitality of the aviation industry, one of the most dynamic, forward-looking and innovative sectors in the world, and an essential part of both the world's transportation system and the global economy”

For more information on aviation’s environmental impact, please download NATA’s Environmental Fact Sheet.



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