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NATA is the National Air Transportation Association 

Founded in 1940, NATA aggressively promotes safety and the success of aviation service businesses through its advocacy efforts before government, the media and the public as well as by providing valuable programs and forums to further its members’ prosperity.



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Upcoming Events

2010 FBO Leadership Conference - San Antonio, TX - 01/25/2010

FBO Success Seminar -Las Vegas, NV - 03/15/2010

Environmental Compliance Seminar -Las Vegas, NV - 03/15/2010

Line Service Supervisor Training -Las Vegas, NV - 03/15/2010

NATA Safety 1st Trainer -Las Vegas, NV - 03/15/2010

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NATA Kicks Off 70th Anniversary Of Service
As we embark on 2010 – NATA’s 70th Anniversary of service – the turbulence of 2009 has so vividly reminded us of the immense importance of our association and community to the industry’s past and to your business’ future.

When NATA began in 1940, some of the issues then are not so very unfamiliar to us now…private aviation businesses in America were under attack from all sides. The White House and the U.S. Army were making plans to ban all private aviation for the duration of “the national emergency.” The public was very apprehensive about air safety, inflamed by nearly hysterical coverage of aviation disasters in the press. The unemployment rate was over 14 percent, tax rates had climbed to record highs, and business investment and consumer purchasing power remained depressed. NATA was formed later that year by a network of supporters across the country to protect the private aviation industry and help it prosper. 

As in the beginning, and for the past 70 years, NATA remains on the front lines of Capitol Hill in defense of the rights and freedoms of aviation businesses. The association continues to develop and provide access to many valuable resources and opportunities for its members to be seen and heard within the community and throughout the country:

  • NATA’s FBO Leadership Conference - January in San Antonio, Air Charter Summit - June in Washington, and Spring Training Week - March in Las Vegas all provide courses, seminars and Q & A sessions for participants to learn from industry experts, consultants, government officials, and technical specialists as well as forums for informal, unplanned learning from peers that take place in these settings.
  • NATA’s Day On The Hill is an annual opportunity for members to discover how politics will affect aviation business.
  • NATA recently launched a new series of free and low-cost webinars covering timely topics like minimum standards, ramp safety and security issues.
  • The association offers a panel of staff and member issue experts to help answer questions about the myriad rules and regulations confronting operations. Also, member-based committees play an important role in achieving an effective and progressive NATA and are a vital part of the association’s operations.
  • NATA’s Web site, social media channels, Aviation Business Journal and newsletters serve up downloadable publications, informational blog posts, up-to-the-minute reports, educational articles, archived webinar recordings and helpful links to FAA documents as well as additional forums for networking and learning – a wealth of information at your command.
  • NATA is a way to connect to a huge network of men and women working in companies like yours. Their ideas, their imagination, and their curiosity help to create new opportunities for every business.

In a recent Web poll, 100% of NATA member respondents indicated that they believe business will be better in 2010 than 2009. That belief, and the knowledge behind it, is power. And with that power is the momentum to make 2010 more than just “not as bad as last year.” Together, we can make it a year of growth. On behalf of the NATA Board of Directors and staff, we would like to thank you for your continued support as we celebrate an important milestone in the association’s history.


Headliners At NATA’s 2010 FBO Leadership Conference
FREE Webinar Hosted by Coyne, Wednesday January 6
On January 6 at 12:00 Noon (EST), NATA President James K. Coyne will provide updates on NATA's 2010 FBO Leadership Conference program and speakers. The FBO Leadership Conference will be held January 25-26 in San Antonio, Texas, immediately preceding the NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference.  

Headliners for NATA's 2010 FBO Leadership Conference include:

NFIB Senior Healthcare Advisor Dr. Robert Graboyes
The Future Of Health Care And The Impact On Your Business Session
As senior healthcare advisor to the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), Dr. Graboyes has tirelessly made sure that the voice of small business is heard loud and clear, especially in regards to the media. NFIB worked hard to earn a coveted seat at the table with healthcare policymakers on Capitol Hill and in the White House. Their top three priorities are addressing costs, choice and competition. NFIB’s Research Foundation has also done extensive work on healthcare policy, including a groundbreaking study that tested nine reform scenarios and their effect on small business. Other research looks at possible remedies for rising healthcare costs, the effects of an employer mandate and more. 

The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center’s Corporate Director Brian Grubb
Building Business Partnerships In A Recession Session
The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center is a pioneer in teaching others how to delight customers with the unexpected and how to incorporate service excellence seamlessly into company culture. Brian Grubb will discuss the essential leadership and service skills necessary to help secure your business' financial future.

NBAA President Edward M. Bolen, GAMA President Pete Bunce, NATA President James K. Coyne & AOPA President Craig Fuller
Leadership Breakfast
Over the past year, the spirit of cooperation among aviation leaders has been strong, and the outlook remains so for 2010. These leaders have joined together to spread the word to Capitol Hill and the public at-large about the immense importance of general aviation to job creation and the American economy. Next year, legislative proposals to raise taxes and fees on a vast range of American businesses as a means of dealing with the fiscal crisis appear inevitable. Join them for a breakfast and the first industry briefing of the year addressing these issues and other agenda items for 2010. 

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey’s Assistant Director of Aviation Public Affairs Ralph Tragale
Airport & Community Relations Session
Learn from some of the country's leading airport executives what aviation businesses can do to curb anti-airport activities and develop strong relationships with local communities and airport management. The New York and New Jersey Port Authority has made great strides in building positive relations within the community. Ralph Tragale will share stories of their success.

NBAA's Vice President of Membership Marketing Chris Strong & Director of Seminars Saundra Wirtz
How To Market Your Business At NBAA's Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference Session
NBAA senior staff will guide you through efficient and effective marketing techniques to maximize your business at the Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference.

Don't miss the chance to ask questions and discover why this is a must-attend event for 2010. Visit for FBO Leadership Conference information and registration. Register for the FREE webinar here:


NATA’s Releases 2010 Legislative Priorities
As Congress reconvenes later this month for the second session of the 111th Congress, NATA has established a preliminary agenda for this congressional session. While some of the legislative priorities remain the same, a few additions have been made.

Please click here to view NATA’s 2010 Legislative Priorities.

When additional legislation is introduced that is supportive of or problematic for the general aviation industry, NATA will keep its members apprised. 

Let’s hope 2010 is the year for final passage of FAA Reauthorization Legislation.


NATA’s Reflects On 2009 Legislative And Regulatory Accomplishments
The first term of a new presidential administration always brings interesting changes; however, this year brought new things and more of the same in legislation and regulation affecting general aviation. Congress has still yet to pass comprehensive legislation to reauthorize the FAA, while the U.S. House of Representatives passed climate change legislation with record-breaking speed. NATA has highlighted the many issues that were addressed this year before Congress and federal agencies. 

Please click here to view NATA’s 2009 Legislative and Regulatory Accomplishments.


NATA Webinar On TSA’s Repair Station Security NPRM
The NATA’s next free webinar will be held on January 5, 2010, from noon until 1:00 p.m. (EST). This webinar will focus on the recently released Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) on Repair Station Security. This NPRM will create a Standard Security Program (SSP) that must be followed by all FAA Part 145 certificated repair stations. This SSP would describe:
  • Access controls for the facility, aircraft and/or aircraft components
  • Measures for identifying individuals with access to the facility, aircraft and/or aircraft components
  • Procedures for challenging unauthorized individuals
  • Security awareness training for employees
  • The name of the facility’s designated security coordinator
  • A contingency plan
  • The means to verify employee background information

The NPRM will be open for public comment until January 19, 2010. NATA, in partnership with the Aircraft Electronics Association, has released a member comment tool (available here) to assist their members in drafting comments to the TSA on this proposed rule.

The webinar will cover:

  • A review of the Proposed Repair Station Rule
  • A review of the development and submittal process for commenting on the proposed rule
  • A review of specific areas on which members may wish to provide comments
  • Question and answer session

The hosts for this webinar are:
-Eric Byer, vice president, Government and Industry Affairs, NATA
-Ric Peri, vice president, Government and Industry Affairs, AEA
-Michael France, director Regulatory Affairs, NATA

Click here to register for the January 5th webinar on the Repair Station Security NPRM.

A copy of the NPRM is available here.


NATA Announces Call For Nominations For 2009 NATA Industry Excellence Awards
Today, NATA announces a call for nominations to acknowledge the individuals, offices, and organizations demonstrating excellence in their field and the highest level of customer service to the general aviation community.

Each year, NATA presents seven awards to the exceptional individuals and companies that have helped to improve the general aviation community. The recipients of five of these awards are chosen based upon NATA member-submitted nominations.

These awards cover five categories:

  • The Airport Executive Partnership Award recognizes an airport manager for outstanding efforts to nurture the relationships between aviation businesses and airport operators.
  • The Aviation Journalism Award identifies a journalist, writer, or publication that excels in consumer education or editorial support that is beneficial to the general aviation industry.
  • The Excellence In Pilot Training Award recognizes an individual or organization that has made outstanding contributions in safety, professionalism, leadership, and excellence in the field of pilot training.
  • The FAA Customer Service Excellence Award recognizes an FAA facility or facility staff member who represents the highest degree of customer service and elevates the quality of interaction between the FAA and aircraft maintenance and repair facilities, Part 135 certificate holders, airport service organizations, and flight schools.

All nominations for these five awards must be received by NATA no later than February 26, 2010. A nomination form is available by clicking here. Members may also obtain a nomination form by calling the NATA headquarters at 800-808-6282 or by e-mailing Celeste Clark.

The awards will be distributed during the 2010 NATA Day on the Hill and Spring Committee Meetings to be held in the Washington, DC area on April 20-22, 2010, as well as the 2010 NATA Air Charter Summit to be held in Chantilly, VA, on June 7-9, 2010.


Byer’s Inside Washington View: 2010, A Repeat Of 2009?
This week, NATA Vice President of Government & Industry Affairs Eric Byer discusses the ongoing economic climate and what factors may contribute to another difficult financial year for our members in 2010.

To view Byer’s blog, please click here.


Quick Facts On Aviation Fuel Quality Control
One fact of life here on earth is that water is everywhere, it’s in the air, it’s in the ground and it’s in your jet fuel! Don’t believe me? Let a “water free” tank of jet fuel cool significantly, like it would during the first freeze of winter, and more than likely you’ll find water in your morning sample when there was none before. Since water is everywhere in our environment, one of the primary focuses of aviation quality control is the detection and removal of water from fuel storage. Before water can be effectively conquered, an aviation fuel quality control technician must understand the forms in which water can be found in fuels.

Perhaps the simplest form is known as free water. Free water is simply standing water in the bottom of a container, such as a tank. Free water also includes any droplets that may be clinging to the sides of the container. Free water is relatively easy to identify visually and can be removed by normal mean, such as by a coalescer-separator. It should be noted that large amounts of free water, often called slugs of water, if allowed to accumulate, can bypass coalesce–separators.

The next form of water found in aviation fuels is entrained, or suspended, water. Entrained water occurs when water is broken up into extremely small droplets that then get hung up, or suspended, in the fuel. Entrained water will give fuel samples a hazy or cloudy appearance. Entrained water is also relatively easy to identify and can be removed by normal means.

The final form water can take in aviation fuel, specifically jet fuel, is dissolved water. Dissolved water occurs when the water is chemically dissolved into the fuel, much like salt into hot water. Dissolved water is not detectable or easily removed and also does not harm aircraft performance (as long as it remains dissolved). One of the interesting properties of fuel is that the amount of water that it can dissolve is dependent on the fuel’s temperature. Warmer fuel can dissolve more water. Which explains why as winter begins and our fuel storage tanks cool from the warmer fall weather quality control technicians often discover water in previously “clean” tanks!


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