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##Date##                                                                                                Volume 9 Issue 3


NATA is the National Air Transportation Association 

Founded in 1940, NATA aggressively promotes safety and the success of aviation service businesses through its advocacy efforts before government, the media and the public as well as by providing valuable programs and forums to further its members’ prosperity.



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Upcoming Events

2010 FBO Leadership Conference - San Antonio, TX - 01/25/2010

FBO Success Seminar -Las Vegas, NV - 03/15/2010

Environmental Compliance Seminar -Las Vegas, NV - 03/15/2010

Line Service Supervisor Training -Las Vegas, NV - 03/15/2010

NATA Safety 1st Trainer -Las Vegas, NV - 03/15/2010

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Topics in this Volume:
Ø Association Establishes Haiti Resource Page
Ø FAA Announces TFR For Super Bowl
Ø NTSB Amends Accident/Incident Reporting Regulations
Ø Track The 2010 Primary Elections With NATA
Ø Aircraft Tax Issue In Loudoun County, Virginia
Ø Weekly Blog: Join The Fight Against Health Care Reform Provisions Negatively Impacting Small Businesses
Ø NATA Airports And Flight Training Committee’s Hold First Meeting Of 2010
Ø NATA Announces Call For Nominations For 2009 NATA Industry Excellence Awards
Ø NATA’s Social Media Efforts Rank “Top Of The Class”
Ø Banyan Air Service’s Shawn Mack Hits A Homerun!
Ø Sponsor An Event Or Advertise With NATA Today!
Ø Weekly Survey
Ø Environmental Fact Of The Week
Ø Observance of Martin Luther King Day


Richard Aboulafia To Keynote FBO Leadership Conference Next Week
Register Today at
It’s not too late to register for NATA’s 2010 FBO Leadership Conference to be held next Monday and Tuesday immediately preceding NBAA’s S&D Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

Don’t miss dynamic speakers such as Richard Aboulafia, vice president, analysis, Teal Group Corporation. As the keynote speaker, he will discuss overall market conditions and the forecast for business aircraft.

Visit Aboulafia’s Web site for more information or catch his recent AvWeb Podcast “Jet Market Stabilizing.”

Visit for the full agenda and to register today!


Association Establishes Haiti Resource Page
NATA has established a Haiti Resource Page to provide members with information on how they can help in the rescue effort. The page lists many sites that are accepting donations for the rescue efforts and victim assistance. NATA encourages members to submit photos or stories of their efforts by emailing them to Linda Pylant. Click here to visit the page.


FAA Announces TFR For Super Bowl
The FAA has announced the creation of a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) for the Super Bowl XLIV to be held in Miami, FL, on February 7, 2010. According to the overview released by the FAA, the TFR will be centered on Dolphin Stadium and will be in effect from 1600 local until 2359 local on February 7.

The TFR will consist of an inner ring with a 10NM radius extending from the surface up to but not including 18,000 ft msl inside of which all flight activity is prohibited except:

  • Approved law enforcement and military flights supporting the Super Bowl and approved air ambulance flights
  • Regularly scheduled passenger and all-cargo flights operating under a TSA-approved standard security program
  • DCA Access Standard Security Program (DASSP) holders are permitted for arrival into Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (KFLL) and Opa-Locka Executive Airport (KOPF)

No operations are permitted at North Perry Airport (KHWO).

The TFR will also have an outer ring beginning at a 10 NM radius from Dolphin Stadium and extending to a 30 NM radius. The outer ring will begin at the surface and extend up to but not including 18,000 ft MSL. All flight operations in the outer ring will be prohibited except as follows:

  • Aircraft may arrive and depart local airfields if they are on an active IFR or VFR flight plan and squawking an ATC-assigned code prior to entering and while within the TFR area
  • IFR aircraft may be permitted to transition the area, workload permitting, by ATC
  • All aircraft operating within the TFR must maintain two-way radio contact with ATC

The information contained in the TFR overview will be superseded by the published NOTAM actually creating the TFR.

Click here to read the FAA overview of the Super Bowl TFR


NTSB Amends Accident/Incident Reporting Regulations
The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has published a final rule amending its notification and reporting requirements regarding aircraft accidents or incidents.

The final rule affects virtually all civil and public aircraft. The new regulations require operators to report certain incidents and also amend existing regulations to provide clarity and ensure that the appropriate means for notifying the NTSB of a reportable incident is listed correctly.

Specific incidents to be reported now include turbine component failure resulting in debris thrown anywhere other than out the exhaust path; release of all or a portion of a propeller blade from an aircraft, excluding release caused only by ground contact; electronic flight instrument system and primary flight display or primary navigation display failures; and aircraft collision in flight.

The NTSB’s announcement appeared in the Federal Register on January 7, 2010. The notice is effective March 8, 2010.

NATA has created a regulatory report on this amendment that is available for download by clicking here.


Track The 2010 Primary Elections With NATA
All 435 Members of the U.S. House of Representatives are up for re-election in 2010 after completing their 2-year term this year. One-third of the U.S. Senate is up for re-election in 2010 or 37 total Senators. In addition, many members are retiring, running for Senate seat, etc.

NATA has highlighted all the Senate races in 2010 and a partial list of House Members who support general aviation and/or are on a relevant committee or have a highly contested race. To simplify the process, Members of Congress who are highlighted in blue are supporters of general aviation, and many of them are members of the General Aviation Caucus in either the House or Senate.

NATA will continually update the database with relevant information as we progress through the primary elections, making the way to the general election on November 2, 2010.

To view NATA’s primary election analysis, please click here.


Aircraft Tax Issue In Loudoun County, Virginia
The Loudoun County, VA Board of Supervisors is set to take up the issue of taxing aircraft ownership during its meeting this week. The board will consider a recommendation from the county finance committee to approve up to a 4,000% increase in the aircraft personal property tax rate. An increase of that magnitude would bring the tax rate to $0.40 per $100 of value and make the personal property tax rate in Loudoun County the second highest in the region. The proposed tax hike would impact owners of aircraft based at Leesburg Regional Airport (KJYO) and Dulles International Airport (KIAD).

NATA is working closely with its members located in Loudoun County to help the Board of Supervisors understand that it is very likely that the proposed drastically increased tax rate, in addition to burdening local businesses as they attempt to recover from a recession, will in reality bring in less revenue as owners relocate their aircraft to any of the 12 regional municipalities that require lower taxes. NATA President James K. Coyne will meet with several members of the board before their meeting this week to help them understand the vital link between general aviation aircraft and business growth.


Weekly Blog: Join The Fight Against Health Care Reform Provisions Negatively Impacting Small Businesses
Every media outlet throughout the country has been incessantly discussing health care reform legislation. However, the details of the 2,000-page bill are still unclear to many. The most worrisome factors are the many provisions that will impact businesses, particularly small businesses. Here’s a brief recap of where the bills stand and what they include: the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 3962 on November 7, 2009, by a margin of 220 – 215 (39 Democrats and 176 Republicans voted ‘no’). H.R. 3962 will increase costs, raise taxes and saddle employers with new mandates and paperwork burdens. This, as you know, is a deterrent to small businesses, which make up a large percentage of NATA members. On December 24, 2009, the U.S. Senate passed H.R. 3950, their version of health care reform that had many provisions contrary to H.R. 3962 and were further troubling to small businesses.

To read Kristen Moore’s entire guest blog, please click here.

Guest blogger, Michael France, NATA director of regulatory affairs, issued a mid-week post urging members to "Make A Difference."

Click here to read the post.


NATA Airports And Flight Training Committee’s Hold First Meeting Of 2010
Last week, NATA’s Airports and Flight Training Committees held their first meetings of 2010 via teleconference. NATA’s member committee structure is a vital part of the association as it provides a mechanism for members to help guide and shape the association activities in a variety of areas.

NATA’s Airports Committee was established to promote the interests of the association’s members relative to airport occupancy, airport security, competition, and environmental issues. During last week’s meeting, the Airports Committee members engaged in discussions on:

  • The TSA’s Aircraft Repair Station Security NPRM
  • The legislative issues facing our industry
  • The latest regulatory changes issued by the FAA and EPA
  • Current research into general aviation airports
  • NATA’s efforts on airport-related issues

NATA’s Flight Training Committee discussed the activities the group would undertake in 2010 to ensure the future of the flight training industry. The purpose of the Flight Training Committee is to assist member flight- training organizations in improving their operations in five areas: safety and security, customer satisfaction, competitiveness, quality of training, and viability and profitability. The committee also monitors regulatory issues, influences regulatory changes and engages in defining the future of flight training.

For more information on NATA member committees, please visit .


NATA Announces Call For Nominations For 2009 NATA Industry Excellence Awards
NATA is calling for nominations to acknowledge the individuals, offices, and organizations demonstrating excellence in their field and the highest level of customer service to the general aviation community.

Each year, NATA presents seven awards to the exceptional individuals and companies that have helped to improve the general aviation community. The recipients of five of these awards are chosen based upon NATA member-submitted nominations.

These awards cover five categories:

  • The Airport Executive Partnership Award recognizes an airport manager for outstanding efforts to nurture the relationships between aviation businesses and airport operators.
  • The Aviation Journalism Award identifies a journalist, writer, or publication that excels in consumer education or editorial support that is beneficial to the general aviation industry.
  • The Excellence In Pilot Training Award recognizes an individual or organization that has made outstanding contributions in safety, professionalism, leadership, and excellence in the field of pilot training.
  • The FAA Customer Service Excellence Award recognizes an FAA facility or facility staff member who represents the highest degree of customer service and elevates the quality of interaction between the FAA and aircraft maintenance and repair facilities, Part 135 certificate holders, airport service organizations, and flight schools.

All nominations for these five awards must be received by NATA no later than February 26, 2010. A nomination form is available by clicking here. Members may also obtain a nomination form by calling the NATA headquarters at 800-808-6282 or by e-mailing Celeste Clark.

The awards will be distributed during the 2010 NATA Day on the Hill and Spring Committee Meetings to be held in the Washington, DC area on April 20-22, 2010, as well as the 2010 NATA Air Charter Summit to be held in Chantilly, VA, on June 7-9, 2010.


NATA’s Social Media Efforts Rank “Top Of The Class”
In a recent blog post by Ludo Van Vooren (a 15-year veteran of the industry who blogs about eBusiness, Social Media, Internet Marketing, and International Business Development), NATA, NBAA and AFA ranked the highest for their social media efforts out of 42 aerospace, aviation, and defense associations. NATA members Duncan Aviation, Cutter Aviation, Priester Aviation and DB Aviation were also mentioned as pioneers in social media. The post is called "Social Media Score Card for top Aerospace Associations."

Click here to read the post.

NATA will strive to continue to reach our members in meaningful ways and bring our “B-” up to an “A.”


Banyan Air Service’s Shawn Mack Hits A Homerun!
First NATA Spring Training Week Winner
NATA congratulates Banyan Air Service Director of Training Shawn Mack as the winner of the “Training Times Customer Service/Training Tip Contest.” Shawn receives a FREE registration to one of the four NATA Spring Training Week seminars during Aviation Industry Expo in Las Vegas. This is just one opportunity to win with NATA’s Spring Training Week.

NATA’s Spring Training Week seminars prepare you to:

  • Create winning game plans
  • Cover all your training bases
  • Knock customer service out of the park

Also, swing by NATA’s booth #7025 at the Aviation Industry Expo for a chance to win a Wii system!

Visit for the full schedule and descriptions of each seminar or click here for a PDF of the event postcard (arriving in your mailbox soon).


Sponsor An Event Or Advertise With NATA Today!
NATA’s 2010 sponsorship opportunities offer high visibility focused directly at your target audience, the aviation business community. Our event and seminar sponsorship packages are designed to help you build brand loyalty, drive sales and provide meaningful access to your customers. The number of impressions gained as a benefit of these programs makes them much more than just spending sponsorship dollars – they are true marketing tools. NATA's seminar and event sponsorship packages are ideal for reaching your audience and demonstrating your commitment to continuing education.

Numerous sponsorship opportunities are still available for NATA’s 2010 FBO Leadership Conference to be held in San Antonio, TX, January 25-26. For more information on remaining opportunities, click here.

NATA's Sponsorship Opportunities Are Designed With You In Mind:

  • Achieve high visibility
  • Gain meaningful access to your customers
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Drive sales
  • Get a return on your dollar

Sponsorship Benefits:

  • Every sponsor will be listed in brochure/program materials distributed to event attendees.
  • NATA will provide signage for all sponsors.
  • A company logo will be shown on items sponsored, such as tote bags, lanyards, and giveaways specific to each event.
  • Sponsors may also be eligible for discounts on event registration, based on sponsorship amount.

Please contact Diane Gleason, NATA director of meetings & conferences, with your questions and/or to confirm your sponsorship at or (703) 575-2050.

NATA also offers numerous advertising opportunities to fit any budget. Advertising with NATA offers high visibility, optimum value, and direct access to more than 5,000 industry executives throughout the world. Opportunities are available to advertise on the Web site, in any of NATA’s electronic newsletters and in the quarterly Aviation Business Journal. For more information, please contact Linda Pylant at (703) 845-9000 x112 or click here.


Weekly Survey
Do you think Congress will approve sweeping new environmental legislation in 2010?

Participate in survey.


Environmental Fact Of The Week
As a part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) renewed focus on lead pollution, the agency issued a proposed rule last month that lowers the threshold for local air quality monitoring for lead. The proposed rule would lower the threshold, from 1 ton per year to 0.5 tons per year, that is used to determine when states must monitor lead levels around facilities that emit lead. Because aircraft that utilize 100LL aviation gasoline emit lead, the monitoring requirements extend to airports. The lowering of the threshold for monitoring would increase the number of airports that must undergo monitoring from 5 to about 55.

In the proposed rule, the EPA also addressed the assertion that airports, due to their more distributed emission pattern, should not be subject to the lower standard. The EPA evaluated the very limited available lead emission data for airports and determined that the air quality effects of lead emissions from airports is similar enough to that of other lead-emitting facilities to be subject to the lowered threshold.

NATA is awaiting the release of data from a recently completed study on lead emissions at Santa Monica airport in Southern California before commenting on the EPA assertions. Once the study data has been released, NATA will evaluate the new data in comparison to the data used to determine that airports need to be subjected to a lower monitoring threshold.

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Observance of Martin Luther King Day
In observance of Martin Luther King Day, NATA's offices are closed today. Normal office hours will resume tomorrow, Tuesday, January 19, 2010.



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