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NATA is the National Air Transportation Association 

Founded in 1940, NATA aggressively promotes safety and the success of aviation service businesses through its advocacy efforts before government, the media and the public as well as by providing valuable programs and forums to further its members’ prosperity.

Upcoming Events

2010 Commercial Operators Tax Seminar - Indianapolis, IN - 8/17/2010

Summer E-learn Webinar Series:

7/13/2010 - Success With Social Media

7/21/2010 - New or Amended Minimum Standards

8/10/2010 - Hiring and Screening in Todays Market

8/17/2010 - Social Media Strategies: Tools and Tactics for Success




TSA Launches New Webboard For Watchlists
Beginning today, June 21, operators subject to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security programs will need to visit a new Webboard to obtain watchlists.

Only operators required to comply with a TSA security program, such as the Twelve-Five Standard Security Program (TFSSP), are impacted by this change.

The TSA has created a new Webboard titled “Watchlists Webboard” that will be the only location to obtain watchlists used in the name checks required by security programs. All other TFSSP information will remain on the TFSSP Webboard.

TFSSP Webboard users will use their existing log-in credentials to access the new Watchlist Webboard. Operators are encouraged to visit the Webboard’s site to become familiar with the new location. Additional information on this change is available on the TFSSP Webboard.

Operators should contact their principal security inspector with problems or questions.


Nashville And Saginaw Approved As DASSP Gateway Airports
Nashville International Airport (BNA) and Saginaw International Airport (MBS) are the newest gateway airports for Ronald Regan Washington National Airport (DCA). Approval as a gateway allows operators with the DCA Access Standard Security Program (DASSP) to fly directly to DCA from Nashville, TN, or Saginaw, MI.

The TSA’s DASSP allows general aviation flights to land at DCA after they have been pre-screened at one of the over 25 gateway airports and comply with other provisions of the program.

At BNA, the DASSP-participating FBO is NATA member Signature Flight Support. At MBS, NATA member Avflight is the participating FBO.

Additional information on the DASSP, including a complete list of approved gateway airports, is available from the TSA Web site.


FAA Denies Request For Extension Of Comment Period On NY North Shore Helicopter Route NPRM
Last week, we reported that NATA in conjunction with other industry groups, including the Eastern Regional Helicopter Council, the Helicopter Association International, the National Business Aviation Association, the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association, and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association, submitted a request for a 60-day extension of the deadline for the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) titled “The New York North Shore Helicopter Route” (Docket Number FAA-2010-0302). Regrettably the request was denied by the FAA, maintaining its June 25, 2010 deadline.

The NPRM would require helicopter operators to use the New York North Shore Route when operating in that area of Long Island, NY. The NPRM would require helicopter pilots to adhere to a flight path out over the Long Island Sound when traveling to Gabreski Airport in Westhampton and East Hampton Airports. When turning south to fly over land, pilots will be required to maintain an altitude of 2,500-feet over less populated areas. The proposal would mandate use of a route that is currently voluntary.

NATA is concerned about the brevity of the comment period and the possible precedent the proposed rule may set. This is the first time the FAA would directly mandate a noise abatement procedure. NATA will submit comments prior to the deadline and asks that members concerned about the issue also submit comments. NATA is opposed to the NPRM due to the lack of any formal attempt to provide factual data to support the rulemaking, the precedent of the agency directly mandating an enroute noise abatement procedure and overall concerns with the lack of clarity in the proposed rule that could lead to inadvertent violation of the requirement should the rule become final. NATA will post the association’s comments for members to review as soon as possible at

Click here to view a copy of the NPRM, which includes information on submitting comments.


NATA Efforts Against California's Regulation For Flight Schools
As mentioned in previous editions of NATA News, the State of California has begun regulating flight training facilities as private post secondary educational institutions. The draft regulations would impose a series of fees that threaten to drive a large number of California flight training providers out of business. These fees and a requirement that flight training providers submit an application for approval to operate go into effect this August.

NATA in partnership with its California members and others in the industry have been working to find regulatory and legislative solutions that will provide protections to California students while allowing flight training providers to continue to operate. NATA with local experts to assist in this effort. NATA will continue to provide updates to its membership and the industry on the status of this effort over the coming weeks.

NATA To Launch New Homepage/Enhanced Features
It has been nearly two years since NATA launched its new Web site. You asked for enhanced features and easier navigation, and we listened.

Later this week, you can view NATA’s “new” look at The homepage will alternate between current issues and NATA news/regulatory press releases. Dropdowns will be easier to navigate, and frequently used sections will be listed on the left navigation pane. A complete media module has been added that will contain photos and PowerPoint presentations from events, webinars recordings and special videos. Advertising opportunities are available on both the homepage and secondary pages as well as in NATA’s weekly electronic newsletter – NATA News.

If you have any questions or comments, or even suggestions on how we can continue to improve the Web site for you, our members, please feel free to contact Linda Pylant.


TSA Nominee Testifies Before Senate Homeland Security Committee
Last week, members of the U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee heard testimony from John Pistole, President Obama’s third nominee to head the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA). Pistole was questioned on a number of topics, including his agenda for the TSA and the safety and risk factors that currently affect all modes of transportation. “If [he is] confirmed as TSA administrator, [he] will be taking charge of an agency that has made enormous strides, in my opinion, in the last eight years to strengthen the security of the commercial aviation sector, ” Chairman Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) stated. Safety still remains a priority and Pistole assured the committee that he would work with Congress and other departments to develop beneficial and efficient programs using the $900 million addition proposal for fiscal year 2011. Senator Lieberman stated that the panel should approve of Pistole’s nomination next week and that a full confirmation should be approved by the Senate before the July 4th recess.

To view John Pistole’s full hearing testimony, please click here.


NATA’s First E-Learning Webinar Highly Successful
NATA’s first fee-based webinar, one of many in our summer E-Learning series, was an overwhelming success. Nearly forty attendees learned in-depth strategies to use when negotiating new or existing FBO leases, preparing to invest capital in an existing business or handling everyday issues that affect businesses at an airport. Additional discussions included rights as an airport tenant and how to protect your investment while improving your negotiating power as well as other helpful strategies and an enlightening Q & A session. NATA’s Vice President, Government & Industry Affairs Eric R. Byer said, “Our members asked us to provide continuing education at an affordable price, and we listened. NATA’s E-Learn series is just the beginning. There are many more webinars to come.”

Leonard D. Kirsch, Esq, with McBreen and Kopko, led the webinar discussions and provided valuable advice and lessons learned from his more than 25 years experience representing FBOs. Kirsch responded to nearly 30 minutes of questions from engaged attendees following the presentation. Questions included, “Is there a grant assurance limit to term on a lease?; What is generally the lease term to which an airport would like to commit initially?; In today’s economic environment, what is best to put on your rent adjustments, CPI vs. FMV?; What do you do when your FBO is in direct competition with the Airport Authority?; and many more.”

NATA developed E-learn to broaden your educational horizons affordably from the convenience of your own office. NATA's new E-Learn Summer Webinar Series consists of several concise (about an hour or so), informative sessions on a wide array of topics important to our industry. For just $49.95, participants will receive a live connection to the webinar and an electronic copy of presentation materials.

Come join some of the most knowledgeable industry experts for upcoming topics on Success With Social Media, New Or Amended Minimum Standards: How to Ensure that Minimum Standards Help Not Hinder Your Business, Hiring & Screening In Today's Market, and Social Media Strategies: Tools & Tactics for Success.


Register Today For NATA’s New E-learn Webinars
Delivering Thought Leaders To Your Location
NATA’s new E-learn webinars are designed to enhance your education from the convenience of your site. E-learn webinars launch in this month and include several sessions specially priced at $49.95 as well as free policy and event preview webinars – a continuation of the member benefit webinars that NATA has offered since fall 2009. The registration rate for the five scheduled webinars includes participation for one site (one computer/connection) in the live webinar, an electronic copies of the presentations and any additional materials. These 60-minute webinars complement NATA’s networking summit, conference and seminars by bringing experts on the hottest topics to you throughout the year.

Upcoming Webinars:

  • “Success with Social Media” – July 13, $49.95
  • “New or Amended Minimum Standards: How to Ensure that Minimum Standards Help Not Hinder Your Business” – July 21, $49.95
  • “Hiring & Screening In Today’s Market” – August 10, $49.95
  • Social Media Strategies: Tools & Tactics for Success” – August 17, $49.95

Click here to see the webinar details and to register. Please send suggestions for future webinar topics to and forward this article to anyone in your office who will benefit from any of these educational opportunities. NATA also offers Professional Line Service Training Online, Flight Crew Briefings and SMS webcasts as a part of E-learn – NATA’s online learning programs.



2010 Compensation Survey Now Available
The NATA has released its 2010 annual survey report of general aviation service employee compensation. The report includes salaries and benefits for pilots, line-service personnel and maintenance technicians.

Employees’ compensation is broken down by geographic region of the country, by the company’s gross sales, by size of the town or city in which the company is located and by the number of employees in the company. In addition to pilots and maintenance technicians, the report includes compensation for inspectors, line service, and customer service representatives, among others.

Association Research Inc., a leading economic research firm based in Rockville, Maryland, conducted the salary study. For privacy reasons, none of the individual responses are provided to NATA.

The report is provided at no cost to NATA members who participated in the survey. The downloadable pdf version is available at a cost of $125 to non-participating members and $299 to non-NATA members. There is an additional $25 charge to receive a hardcopy of the report.

A copy of the report may be purchased on the NATA Web site at


Environmental Fact Of The Week
Last week, a coalition of environmental groups, including Earth Justice and the Western Environmental Law Center, filed suit in the Federal District Court of the District of Colombia to attempt to get the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft and other sources.

Danielle Fugere, regional program director for Friends of the Earth, said in a recent press release, "The evidence of climate change is becoming clearer each and every day. We can no longer afford the EPA's refusal to address important and growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions."

The petition asks the court to force the EPA to make a determination whether greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft, ocean-going ships, and nonroad vehicles and engines used in industrial operations pose a threat to public health and welfare by contributing to climate change. This determination, known as an endangerment finding, would trigger the agencies authority to issue rules limiting those emissions. The coalitions filing with the Federal District Court can be viewed here.

NATA will be reviewing the lawsuit and responding to it in the coming days.


Byer’s Weekly Blog
This week, NATA Vice President of Government and Industry Affairs Eric R. Byer discusses why it’s time for the State of California to recognize the importance of aviation businesses, not cripple them.

To read Byer’s blog, please click here.


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