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NATA Member Update


NATA Joins Industry In Urging U.S. Senate to Pass FAA Reauthorization Legislation

Congress returned to Washington this week with a full agenda as the countdown toward Election Day quickly approaches. NATA joined 25 other associations representing the aviation community in sending a letter to members of the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, Subcommittee on Aviation urging swift passage of legislation that would reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). 

The letter stated, “We are currently in the final countdown to ensure that our National Airspace System (NAS) becomes even safer and more efficient. This bill affects all segments of aviation, from general aviation to commercial and cargo airlines, as well as airports, aviation workers, manufacturers, state and municipal governments and, most of all, the flying public. We, as aviation community members, will not stop pushing for this bill because the safety and the future of the NAS, as well as the vital investments in our airports and aviation infrastructure, are far too important to ignore.” Only 15 days remain until the latest FAA Reauthorization extension expires.

To view a copy of the letter, please click here.

FAA Statement Within Part 121 Flight And Rest Rule Raises Concern For Part 135

NATA has conducted its initial review of the FAA’s new proposed rule addressing pilot hours-of-service rules for Part 121 airlines. While the association supports the FAA’s decision to pursue separate rulemaking initiatives for Parts 121 and 135, NATA is deeply concerned about language contained in the proposed rule regarding the agency’s plan for future Part 135 rulemaking.

In its Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), the FAA states that “part 135 operations are very similar to those conducted under part 121. . .” and that the Part 135 operator should “expect to see an NPRM addressing its operations that looks very similar to, if not exactly like, the final rule the agency anticipates issuing as part of this rulemaking initiative.”

“I wish I could only say that I was shocked at the FAA’s statement that Part 121 and 135 operations are ‘very similar,’” NATA President James K. Coyne stated. “But anyone who has any inkling of the vast array of operations that take place and geographic settings common within the Part 135 community would know better than to make this ridiculous comparison. The fact that the statement came from our aviation regulatory authority makes me wonder just how familiar the FAA is with the makeup of the Part 135 community and question the agency’s commitment to honoring the letter and spirit of rulemaking guidance that requires the FAA to consider the specific costs, benefits and regulatory alternatives that may be appropriate for different types of operators.”

NATA, other aviation trade organizations, numerous aircraft operators and FAA staff invested substantial time and effort to provide the agency with a comprehensive proposal creating a new regulatory system for on-demand operators that addresses concerns about pilot fatigue.

This comprehensive rulemaking proposal was created through the Part 125/135 Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) several years ago. To date, the FAA has not provided any feedback on the proposal, nor has the agency moved to provide an NPRM based upon the ARC recommendations.

“I hope the FAA will not scrap a comprehensive, well thought out proposal that could have been implemented years ago instead of allowing it to collect dust,” Coyne concluded. “NATA supports the revised pilot flight, duty and rest regulations contained in that proposal and encourages the FAA to take action on it rather than trying to fit nonscheduled pilots and operations into the rigid scheduled airline model.”

Click here to review NATA’s Regulatory Report on this proposed rule.

Policy Playbook Blog Post: “Minimum Standards, Minimal Confusion”

Submitted by Dennis Van de Laar, Manager, Regulatory Affairs

Airports and concerned tenants, pay attention.

During my relatively short time here at NATA, I have had the pleasure of speaking with a variety of our members and hearing their individual questions and concerns. The relationship between airport and FBO appears to be the most prevalent concern. Over the last months, I have heard of many cases where it appears the thought processes of airport personnel and those of the FBO operating on the field are not well understood by each other.

The questions we get range widely. Why is the airport doing XYZ? How can I make sure I get treated fairly? How do I protect my business against the airport’s future development plans? Why won’t the airport allow me to do this or that?

Some fear the threat of the airport allowing competition. Many wonder why the airport appears to favor other businesses while theirs is seemingly left in the cold. FBOs and airports often feel misunderstood and both end up questioning the other’s due diligence when it comes to decision making. Under the grant assurances, airports receiving federal funding are expected to provide opportunity for fair competition on the field.  

Click here to read the full post.

NATA Partners With AIC Title To Assist With FAA Re-registration Requirements

NATA and AIC Title Service, LLC are making available an affordable, simple to use program that allows for re-registrations to be professionally processed and tracked using a straightforward Web interface. 

This new program is in response to a recently published FAA final rule that will require all currently registered aircraft to complete an aircraft re-registration according to a specific schedule over the next three years and then renew that registration every three years thereafter.

The table below outlines the re-registration schedule adopted by the FAA.

Click here to learn more about these benefits or visit  The cost is just $45 per aircraft re-registration or renewal.

Winning Strategies To Improve The Bottom Line & Strengthen Fuel Supplier Relationships

FBO Success Seminar Focuses on Fueling

NATA’s acclaimed FBO Success Seminar will head to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, on October 5 - 7 for a comprehensive session with a special focus on fueling.

As part of the three-day event, several major oil companies and third-party fuel brokers will participate in a lively roundtable discussion and field questions from FBO owners and operators in attendance.

“In the FBO business, fuel margins are key in determining profitability,” said John Enticknap, president of Aviation Business Strategies Group (ABSG) and facilitator for the seminar. “Many factors affect fuel margins - the lifeblood of FBO business. This seminar will examine strategies to improve the bottom line while strengthening the fuel supplier relationship.”

According to Enticknap, a veteran of the aviation fuel and FBO industry, the more an FBO knows about the business of fueling, the better the relationship with the primary fuel supplier as well as third-party fuel brokers.

The FBO Success Seminar covers a variety of issues facing FBOs including:

  • Optimizing operations and positioning for economic success
  • Lowering credit card interest rates
  • Minimizing insurance premiums
  • Developing a favorable lease
  • Positioning for sale, merger or acquisition
  • FBO legal matters and pointers
  • Establishing long-term profitable customer relationships
  • Marketing for any size FBO: Increasing sales and market share without affecting fuel margins

NATA Director of Safety and Training Amy Koranda added, “With a new focus each session, the FBO Success seminar has become a valuable source of information for new and returning attendees.”

Click here for more details on the FBO Success Seminar October 6-7 in Ft. Lauderdale.

NATA will present a FREE FBO Success Preview Webinar on September 22 from Noon to 1:00 p.m. EDT.

John Enticknap and Ron Jackson, our lead instructors, will highlight during this webinar what it takes for your FBO's success. Spend just 30 minutes with us to find out more about this popular program and get your questions answered before its conclusion.

Click here to register for the FREE preview webinar.

NATA will also host a fall Line Service Supervisor Training Seminar in Ft. Lauderdale on October 7-8 – the last one of 2010. Click here for more details and to register.

Register for the Social Media Strategies: Tools & Tactics for Success Webinar

September 30th NATA E-learn Webinar

Already make the decision to add social media to your business and marketing plan? Need to know how to increase your audience, improve productivity and enhance your use of social media channels? Developed to help take social media practitioners and professionals to the next level - this webinar covers the finer elements of planning, tools, execution, policies & standards, and monitoring.


  • Learn the importance of integrating your social media communications
  • Hear how to gain inspiration to craft your messages and blog posts
  • Find out how to engage others within your organization and within the community to participate
  • Discover how your Web site fits into the social media mix


Mark Cyphers – President, DC Web Designers
Jon Anne Doty – Charter Sales Manager at Corporate Flight Management
Danielle Tanner – Corporate Communications Specialist at Pentastar Aviation

The Social Media Strategies: Tools & Tactics for Success webinar is only $49.95 per location and takes place on September 30 from Noon to 1:00 p.m. EDT. 

Visit to see the full E-learn webinars schedule and to register today!

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