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December 13, 2010                                                                          Volume 9 Issue 50


NATA is the National Air Transportation Association 

Founded in 1940, NATA aggressively promotes safety and the success of aviation service businesses through its advocacy efforts before government, the media and the public as well as by providing valuable programs and forums to further its members’ prosperity.

Upcoming Events

NATA's 2011 FBO Leadership Conference - Savannah, GA - 02/07/2011

NATA's 2011 Spring Training Seminars - Las Vegas, NV - 02/21/2011

Line Service Supervisor Training - 02/21/2011

NATA Safety 1st Trainer - 02/23/2011

Environmental Compliance Seminar - 02/24/2011

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House Approves FAA Extension And Continuing Resolution
Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives approved a $1.1 trillion spending bill to fund the federal government through September 30, 2011. H.R. 3082, the Continuing Appropriations Act of 2011 was necessary because Congress did not complete any of the 12 appropriations bills that are required each year. The federal budget is supposed to be finished by October 1, the start of the government's fiscal year; otherwise, continuing resolutions are required to keep government running.

The continuing resolution included a provision to extend aviation programs, taxes and Airport and Airways Trust Fund spending authority through September 30, 2011. These provisions will ensure that FAA programs continue without interruption pending enactment of a long-term FAA reauthorization bill. 

The U.S. Senate is expected to pass H.R. 3082 next week prior to the adjournment of the 111th Congress.


FAA Extends Airport SMS Comment Period

The FAA announced last week that it will extend the comment period for the Airport Safety Management System (SMS) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM). The comment period had been scheduled to end on January 7, 2011, but is now extended until March 7, 2011. The Federal Register notice announcing the extension is available here.

The NPRM seeks to require all airports certificated under Part 139 to develop and implement an SMS program. The NPRM also states that the FAA intends to require the SMS program to cover all non-movement areas of the airport including tenant ramps. NATA has produced a Regulatory Report on the Airport SMS NPRM which is available here.

In the coming weeks, NATA will work with its members who operate facilities at Part 139 certificated airports to ensure that the proposed rules account for possible economic and administrative effects of airport tenants.


EPA Releases Data From Lead-Monitoring Studies At Airports

Last week, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the availability of data from two studies on airborne lead concentrations around airports. The EPA stated, “These two studies provide information on the potential for lead emissions from the combustion of leaded aviation fuel at airports to exceed the lead NAAQS (National Ambient Air Quality Standards) as well as other information (locations of maximum emissions and lead concentration gradients) that may be referenced in the final rule.”

The title of the first study is Development and Evaluation of an Air Quality Modeling Approach for Lead Emissions from Piston-Engine Aircraft Operating on Leaded Aviation Gasoline. The title of the second study is General Aviation Airport Air Monitoring Study and was produced for the EPA by the California South Coast Air Quality Management District.

Due to the size of the two documents, they are available only at under the NAAQS review docket (EPA-HQ-OAR-2006-0735). For download assistance, contact .


FAA Announces 2011 Drug/Alcohol Testing Rates

Last week, the FAA announced the random drug and alcohol testing rates for 2011. The rates are used by certificate holders required to have testing programs, such as Part 135 air carriers, to determine the number of safety-sensitive employees subject to random testing.

For the 2011 calendar year, rates will remain the same as those for 2010. 

Applicable rates are:

  • Drug testing – 25%
  • Alcohol testing – 10%

The official FAA announcement appeared in the Federal Register on December 7, 2010.

FAA Holds Public Meeting On Flight Instructor Renewal Process

Last week, members of NATA’s Flight Training Committee attended a two-day public meeting in Washington, D.C. hosted by the FAA regarding the flight instructor renewal process and Flight Instructor Refresher Clinics (FIRC). According to the meeting announcement published in the Federal Register, the purpose of the meeting was “for the FAA to hear the public's views and obtain information relevant to improving the Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) biennial renewal process.”

More specifically, the public meeting focused on the CFI’s role in aviation safety and what changes to the CFI renewal process could help to improve the overall safety of general aviation. The focus of the meeting was not on regulatory changes to the industry. NATA will continue working with the FAA and others in the industry to ensure that flight instructors have the necessary training and skills to contribute positively to the safety of general aviation.


Byer’s Blog
NATA Vice President of Government and Industry Affairs Eric R. Byer’s latest blog post discusses the selection of two new key chairmen in the U.S. House of Representatives who will have jurisdiction over aviation issues.
To read Byer’s blog, please click here.


Air Charter Operators – Don’t Miss Special Rest And Duty Webinar 
Register Now For Webinar on December 15
Many Part 135 operators have questions about how to comply with pilot duty and rest regulations. There are literally dozens of legal interpretations, FAA notices and even court rulings that impact how compliance with the rules is to be achieved.

This special webinar, Part 135 Rest & Duty -What Do The Regulations Really Require?, will give on-demand air charter operators in-depth information on how the FAA requires rest to be provided and what constitutes a "legal" rest period.

To ensure that operators are able to ask their questions about this sensitive regulatory issue freely, only employees of Part 135 on-demand operators will be permitted to participate.

Who Should Attend:
Chief Pilot
Director of Operations
Company Executives

Lori Edwards, Associate, Jackson & Wade, LLC
Jacqueline Rosser, Director of Regulatory Affairs, NATA

This webinar will be held on Wednesday, December 15, at 12:00 p.m. There is NO charge for this webinar and registration is available now. Please don't miss this opportunity to help ensure your compliance with Part 135 Rest & Duty regulations.

Please note that because verification of Part 135 status is necessary, registrations received after 5:00 pm Eastern on Tuesday, December 14, may not be processed in time to allow participation.



Lock In Two Important Dates For This February
Featuring Four Conveniently Located Top Industry Events

NATA FBOLC Kicks Off The Month
The 2011 NATA FBO Leadership Conference (FBOLC) will be held at the Savannah Westin Harbor on February 7-8. NATA recently released the conference agenda featuring:

  • NATA’s sessions on security and airport minimum standards, the motivational breakfast with PGA golfer Bobby Clampett and the AvGas update, as well as the NATA/NBAA session on how to maximize your time at the S&D conference, that will provide the information and inspiration you need to stay on the leading edge of the industry.
  • Briefings on how the political landscape will change in 2011 and what impact these changes will have on general aviation in the political leadership session, as well as briefings on the latest developments from general aviation industry’s top leaders at the opening luncheon.
  • Opportunities at NATA’s FBOLC social events, NBAA’s S&D Conference and the Safety 1st session to find out how best to serve your customers’ needs and challenges.

Visit for full event details and a link to register today!

NBAA’s S&D Conference Immediately Follows in Savannah
NBAA’s Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference is the industry’s leading annual event for providing timely and valuable information on the topics, trends and challenges facing the professionals responsible for coordinating the use of business aircraft. The 2011 NATA FBOLC immediately precedes NBAA’s Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference, which gives attendees an optimal opportunity to meet with their customers and learn about the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. Don’t miss the last FBOLC Session, “Maximize Time and Increase Productivity at NBAA’s S&D,” to learn the best ways not only to hit your target market at S&D, but also to grow your market share with lasting business relationships. Visit for event details and housing information for both the S&D and FBOLC conferences.

Spring Training Week At Cygnus Aviation Expo In Vegas
NATA is pleased to host its third annual Spring Training Week (February 21-24) in conjunction with Cygnus Aviation Expo. Spring Training is a line service camp featuring all-star seminars designed to enhance safety practices, provide major league knowledge and help you coach your team to a winning season. This year’s seminars include:

Line Service Supervisor Training Seminar
Monday, February 21 - Tuesday, February 22
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Cost: $495

NATA Safety 1st Trainer Seminar
Wednesday, February 23
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Cost: $275

Environmental Compliance Seminar For Aviation Facilities
Thursday, February 24
9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Cost: $250

Visit for more event details and to register for one or more of NATA's seminars.


NATA Fuel Handling And Quality Control Guide Now Available For Pre-Order

The 2011 revision of NATA’s popular publication “Refueling and Quality Control Procedures for Airport Service and Support Operations” is now available for pre-order for NATA members. The 2011 revision is a complete rewrite that includes full-color photographs and a new easy-to-read format. “Refueling and Quality Control Procedures for Airport Service and Support Operations” is referenced in FAA advisory circular (AC) 150/5230-4A, Aircraft Fuel Storage, Handling and Dispensing on Airports as an authoritative source for “information about fuel safety, types of aviation fuels, fueling vehicle safety, facility inspection procedures, fueling procedures, and methods for handling fuel spills.”

The goal of this guide is to provide airport fuel service providers a comprehensive, easy-to-understand review of the many complex standards and requirements for the handling of aviation fuel. The incorporation of full-color photographs adds to the usefulness of the 2011 revision as a teaching tool for new and seasoned fuel handling technicians alike.

The 2011 revision is expected to be available for delivery in the coming weeks. The price for this guide is $150 for NATA members and $250 for non-members. However, NATA members placing a pre-order now can receive this invaluable guide for only $130. Don’t miss your opportunity to get this industry-leading guide for a pre-publication price. Click the link below to order now.

Pre-order your copy of NATA’s “Refueling and Quality Control Procedures for Airport Service and Support Operations” now.




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