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Aviation Business Journal | Spring 2020
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President's Message
by Timothy Obitts, President & CEO, National Air Transportation Association
Aviation, by design, is about freedom, bringing people together, making connections, moving urgent supplies, providing essential medical services, and delivering goods to communities across the country. Some of this has been stymied by an unseen risk…one that has swept the entire world—COVID-19. 


Mining the Data: Measuring FBO Market Demand
by Mark Chambers, Managing Partner, Aviation Resource Group International (ARGI)
What happened in 2019? We have all heard anecdotes saying “flat,” “terrible,” and “up a bunch.” For aviation service owners and operators, some hard data (such as measuring airport activity) might help shed some light on market demand levels at airports of comparable size. NATA asked the Aviation Resource Group International (ARGI) to assemble 2019 data for the TOP 500 airports, presented here.

     Outback Operator: Gem Air Shines with Backcountry Charters and UPS Cargo  
by Paul Seidenman & David Spanovich
Each year, tens of thousands of adventurers head towards the vast expanse of Idaho’s treasured wilderness areas. Many of Idaho’s commercial operators continue the tradition of backcountry flying, largely to serve those adventurers. One such operator is Gem Air.
Chairman's Message
by Curt Castagna, Board Chairman, National Air Transportation Association 

A Capitol View: NATA's Legislative Response to COVID-19 
by Jonathon Freye, Vice President of Government & Public Affairs, National Air Transportation Association   

How Air BP’s Operations Became Carbon Neutral 
by Gigi Yuen, Global Carbon Neutral Lead, Air BP 

NATA Members Rise to Support the Fight Against COVID-19  
by Ellen Miller, Director of Communications, National Air Transportation Association 

Moving Beyond “Shadowing” – Supercharging OJT  
by Michael France, Managing Director of Safety & Training, National Air Transportation Association 

Building Strong Teams to Meet Industry Challenges  
by Craig Picken, Managing Partner, Northstar Group 

Raising the Bar for Air Charter Brokers  
by Lindsey C. McFarren 

Skies Today, Skies Ahead: It’s All About People  
by Rolland Vincent, President, Rolland Vincent Associates, LLC and Creator/Director, JETNET iQ 

Keith DeBerry Joins NATA as Senior Advisor for Maintenance  
by Colin Bane 

FAA Announces New Standardized Training  
by Colin Bane
A Company's DNA Helix: Safety and Operations
by Sheryl Clarke, Director of Safety & Security, Jet Linx 

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