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May 23, 2011     null     Volume 10 Issue 21
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nullHofsass Added To Air Charter Summit Agenda

Register Today, Hotel Rooms Are Filling Fast

The 2011 Air Charter Summit will be held June 6-8 in Chantilly, Virginia. The summit provides the most important opportunity this year to learn about the Part 135 regulatory landscape straight from government officials. Industry leaders will also get the latest intelligence, tactics and strategies from nationally recognized experts, be inspired, find new solutions to current business and economic challenges, and network one-on-one with their peers.

Featured Session:
Transportation Security Administration Update
Douglas Hofsass, Deputy Assistant Administrator, Transportation Sector Network Management, TSA
TSA representatives responsible for general aviation security, including the Twelve-Five Standard Security Program, will provide the latest security developments affecting the charter community and an update on the Large Aircraft Security Program proposed rule.

Visit to see the entire summit program, to view a video invitation by NATA President James K. Coyne, and to register today. Also, learn how you can help NATA and McFarren Aviation Consulting contribute to the Veterans Airlift Command (VAC). The VAC is a charitable organization that provides free air transportation to wounded warriors, veterans, and their families for medical and other compassionate purposes. NATA and McFarren Aviation Consulting will each contribute $10 for every registered attendee. Please join us. Call Diane Gleason at (800) 808-6282 to make hotel arrangements.

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nullNATA Continues To Assist Members In Response To California Lawsuit Threat

Earlier this month, a San Francisco-based environmental group, Center for Environmental Health (CEH), issued a “Notice of Violation” under California state law to a number of FBOs, aviation gasoline producers and distributors over lead use in avgas. The “Notice of Violation” is actually a threat to file a lawsuit under a California state law, known as Proposition 65, which allows private individuals and organizations to file suit and recover legal fees and penalties on behalf of the state. Proposition 65 establishes a list of chemicals “known to the state to cause cancer and reproductive toxicity” and also includes a requirement for business to provide warnings when individuals are exposed to those chemicals and a prohibition on discharging those chemicals into drinking water supplies. Unlike most other states’ legislation regarding environmental issues, Proposition 65 places enforcement in the hands of private individuals and organizations in addition to state and local officials. This provision, known to many as the “bounty hunter clause,” is being utilized by CEH to threaten a lawsuit over the lead in aviation gasoline. The “bounty hunter clause” also allows private organizations to collect legal fees and penalties as part of their legal action. “One California appeals court judge, David G. Sills, calls the whole mess a system of “shakedown litigation.” The simple truth is that Prop 65 has become a nightmare for thousands of California businesses” said NATA President James K. Coyne in a blog post last week.

Today, NATA is holding a forum for those businesses named in the CEH notice to learn more about the Proposition 65 process. “NATA takes environmental concerns very seriously,” said Coyne, “but a single organization suing for monetary damages cannot be allowed to threaten an entire industry. NATA will continue its cooperative work with the EPA and FAA on addressing the long-term future of aviation gasoline in the United States and will support the general aviation industry in California against this attack.”

Additionally, NATA will host a webinar on the details of the Proposition 65 requirements and process for all of its California members on May 31. For more information, or to register for this webinar, click here.

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nullNATA Welcomes Selection Of Thune As Ranking Member On Senate Subcommittee On Aviation Operations, Safety and Security

Last week, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX), ranking member of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, announced new minority subcommittee ranking member assignments for the 112th Congress. Included in this announcement was the selection of Senator John Thune (R-SD) as the ranking member of the Subcommittee on Aviation Operations, Safety and Security.

“Senator Thune has long been a supporter of the general aviation industry,” stated NATA President James K. Coyne. “Starting during his time as a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, NATA has worked closely with the Senator on a variety of issues affecting our membership and the industry at-large.”

Recently, Senator Thune introduced S. 785, the Freedom from Government Competition Act to reduce unfair government competition with the private sector, including small businesses. NATA members have continuously experienced government competition in the form of airport operators competing with private business. 

“Congress must recognize the right of private businesses to have the first option in providing services at airports, and should ensure that airport authorities seeking to provide these same services are not granted an unfair advantage due to their government status,” stated Coyne.  

“NATA congratulates Senator Thune on his selection as ranking member and looks forward to continuing its long-standing relationship with the Senator in addressing issues important to America’s aviation businesses,” concluded Coyne.

NATA members are strongly encouraged to ask their U.S. Senate and House Members to co-sponsor the Freedom from Government Competition Act by clicking here.

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nullNATA Joins Industry Support Letter For AvGas Research Funding

NATA joined general aviation industry organizations in a letter to the U.S. House of Representatives chairman and ranking member of the Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development and related agencies. The letter requests $2 million for the Fiscal Year 2012 budget request for the FAA to conduct research on an alternative to the current leaded aviation gas (avgas) used in piston-engine aircraft.

The $2 million in research funding will be used to qualify the safety of different unleaded avgas formulations and develop airworthiness standards to certify piston-engine modifications at the FAA’s Tech Center in New Jersey to ensure aircraft safety. Research funding is an absolutely critical part of the process to identify and transition the general aviation piston fleet to a new unleaded avgas.

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nullHouse Bill Seeks To Eliminate Redundancies In Security Credentials

On May 12, the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security, Subcommittee on Transportation Security passed H.R. 1690, Modernizing of Documentation and Elimination of Redundant Identification and Security Credentials Act (or the MODERN Security Credentials Act). Introduced by Subcommittee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-AL), the bill attempts to consolidate security threat assessment processes and costs or fees for transportation workers as well as reduce redundancies and streamline pertinent regulations. The bill also provides the chance for industry and government stakeholders to participate in a task force to offer recommendations for further modernizing the threat assessment process.

“This is an important piece of legislation that would eliminate the redundant background checks for transportation workers and would require TSA to work with the appropriate stakeholders as it looks to modernize its credentialing programs,” stated Chairman Rogers. “I believe the industry should be listening to different stakeholders, reviewing their input, and conducting a full analysis of potential fees or costs associated with its plans which seem to deviate from the goal of eliminating redundancies, threat assessments and other processes.”

The amended bill will soon go to the full committee for consideration.

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nullTSA Adds Two New Airports As DCA Access Gateways

This month, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has approved the addition of Kansas City International Airport (KMCI) and San Antonio International Airport (KSAT) as gateway airports for the DCA Access Standard Security Program (DASSP). The program allows participating general aviation aircraft operators to utilize Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA). DASSP requires:

  • TSA inspection of crew and passengers;
  • TSA inspection of property and aircraft;
  • Identification checks of passengers by the TSA;
  • Submission of passenger and crew manifests 24 hours in advance of flight;
  • Enhanced background checks for all passengers and fingerprint-based criminal history records check (CHRC) for flight crew;
  • Armed Security Officer (ASO) on board each flight; and
  • All DASSP flights must depart from an approved gateway airport and participating fixed base operator (FBO).

For more information on DASSP, visit the webpage. While KMCI and KSAT have been officially approved as gateway airports, the TSA has not yet updated its webpage to reflect their addition.

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nullCoyne Video Clip: “Unfair Competition”

In his latest video clip, NATA President and CEO James K. Coyne addresses the association’s continuing concern with airports competing against private businesses.

To view Coyne’s latest video clip, please click here.

To view all of Coyne’s video briefings, please click here.

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nullLast Call - Don’t Miss This Week’s LSST And OSHA Seminars

There are many great reasons to attend this week’s Line Service Supervisor Training and Safety & Health Training for Ground Operations (OSHA 10HR Course) seminars in Windsor Locks, but the following represent some of the best:

Reason Five - Convenience and Special Offer: NATA’s Line Service Supervisor Training Seminar will once again take place at the New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, on May 24-25. NATA’s Safety & Health Training for Ground Operations (OSHA 10 HR Course) will be offered once this year on May 26-27 immediately following NATA’s popular LSST Seminar in Windsor Locks. A special offer for a FREE copy of our updated Refueling And Quality Control Procedures manual is extended to participants who attend both May seminars.

Reason Four - Action Packed Learning and Fun: The New England Air Museum is the perfect venue for line service supervisors and managers to attend NATA’s popular Line Service Supervisor Training (LSST) seminar in Windsor Locks, Connecticut. Attendees will take advantage of team-building activities to spark ingenuity and camaraderie within the group. Participants will fly balsa wood flyers and attempt to beat their compatriots, flying higher, further and better than anyone before them. They also get to view three hangars of vintage aircraft and complete a scavenger hunt of challenging questions about the vintage aircraft they see.

Reason Three - Valuable Take Away: Our Safety & Health Training for Ground Operations instructor will provide real-world OSHA guidance and aviation case studies. Attendees will also be provided audit and checklist templates as well as the knowledge to implement and improve their facility compliance programs. LSST participants will discover their strengths and weaknesses through invaluable self-assessments and share their real-world triumphs and challenges with their colleagues and speakers.

Reason Two - Dynamite Speakers: The LSST begins with a comprehensive technical review given by Ascent Aviation’s Reed Fuller, legal compliance for supervisors by McBreen and Kopko’s Lenny Kirsch, leadership essentials by Dr. Todd Dewett, president, TVA Inc. and professor and assistant dean, College of Business, Wright State University, and self assessment managerial review by NATA’s Amy Koranda. Day two continues with an action packed safety culture fundamentals session by Koranda; dynamite customer service tips from NATA’s Mike France; leadership and supervisor essentials, employee engagement and coaching leadership session by ServiceElement’s Dr. Mario Martinez and a fire safety review by Mike France to complement NATA’s Safety 1st 14 CFR Part 139 Section 321 online fire safety training.

Reason One - Certification: OSHA 10 HR Course participants will receive a course completion certificate from NATA as well as a course completion card from OSHA. LSST seminar participants will receive FAA-required 14 CFR 139.321 Fire Safety Training certification upon completion of all seminar requirements.

Don’t miss the chance to attend the LSST in Windsor Locks. Click here for more details and a link to register.

Click here for more details and a link to register for NATA’s OSHA 10-Hour Course.

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nullGet The Updated GA Facts In NATA's Downloadable Reference Book

NATA has updated its popular fact book titled General Aviation in the United States. This publication was produced by the association for its members, the media, government, and the general public as a tool to help illustrate general aviation's importance to the U.S. transportation system and economy.

General Aviation in the United States provides an in-depth review of the NATA membership segments as well as other important components of the general aviation and airline services industry. This handy reference also contains information on a number of U.S. government agencies that affect the day-to-day operation of aviation businesses, and features several charts containing vital general aviation and business aviation statistics on fuel consumption, fractional ownership companies, active pilots, airports, and much more.

"NATA's fact book is one of the many helpful resources available to aid our members in educating community and government leaders about the value of our industry as a critical component to the American economy," NATA President James K. Coyne stated.

Click here to download your free copy of General Aviation in the United States now.

Members who have questions regarding this publication may contact Linda Pylant or Shannon Chambers.

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nullNATA Fact Of The Week – Environmental News

In an effort to increase its use of green energy sources, the General Electric aviation manufacturing plant in Durham, North Carolina, has begun to use the sun to supply some of its electrical needs. According to the Herald-Sun, “Nine thousand solar panels tilted toward the sun are part of a system that's expected to eventually provide a third of the power for a GE Aviation plant in Durham during daylight hours. The $3 million solar system on about 7 acres at the plant...was designed by GE energy.”

Click here to read the full article.

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