The NATA Sustainability Standard for Aviation Businesses (2024) is a sustainability initiative, created to provide FBOs and other aviation businesses a self-certification process for pursuing flexible, cost-effective options to lower their carbon footprint.

Developed by a working group under NATA’s Environment Committee, the NATA Sustainability Standard for Aviation Businesses is a free industry standard designed to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (including CO2), increase use of more environmentally friendly energy sources, reduce waste, and encourage sustainability operation-wide.

The standard is voluntary in nature, flexible in both implementation and certification methods, operationally focused, and consistent with existing environmental and sustainability standards for establishing and reducing a company’s carbon footprint. 

Visit NATA's Sustainability Resource page for access to Sustainability Standard FAQs, a Calculating Your Carbon Footprint video, and more. 

Please note: new participants may opt to complete the 2023 version through December 31, 2023. To remain current, you must then recertify in 2023. 

NATA would like to thank the following working group member companies for their time and dedication in developing the standard: FBO Partners, JRMA, Clay Lacy, World Fuel Services, 4AIR, and Jet Aviation. NATA appreciates  the support of the following organizations in testing the program and providing valuable feedback: Clay Lacy, Atlantic Aviation, 4AIR, Sun Air Jets, TAC Air, Gary Jet Center, and Maven by Midfield.