The SAF Delivery Receipt allows fixed-base operators (FBOs) to provide industry-requested, standardized documentation to aircraft operators about their uplift of SAF. Aircraft operators can use the new receipt both for certification of their efforts to fight climate change, and for compliance with Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) goals.

Documenting the feedstock used with a particular uplift is vital to know the carbon intensity of the fuel. Similarly, an operator needs to know the blend of the fuel uplifted to calculate the actual emissions reduced. This standardized proof of purchase enables operators to be more aware of the level of sustainability of the SAF they have uplifted.  

The SAF Delivery Receipt was developed by 4AIR alongside other industry experts, using CORSIA SARPs as guidance, particularly Annex 16 Vol IV Section 3.3.1 and Doc 9501 ETM Vol IV Appendix 1.3 - Template for CORSIA Eligible Fuels Supplementary Information.