The Timely Service and Coverage You Deserve

The Pilot Group Term Life Insurance Program is designed specifically to protect NATA members, professional pilots, and their families. We offer guaranteed portable policies with the most competitive insurance options available.

Easy enrollment, with no future health questions!

 Program Highlights:

  • No exclusions except suicide which is removed as the only exclusion after two years of coverage
  • Apply for up to $1,500,000 in available coverage with competitive rates
    • Compare these rates & features to your employer’s
  • Portable policy: not affected by a change in your union or employer status
  • Available to pilot, spouses, and all employees of NATA member companies
  • Spouses can purchase even if the Member does not
  • No future health questions once enrolled, you cannot be singled out for a rate increase
  • Coverage worldwide with Voya, an A+ rated insurer

Obtaining coverage could not be easier!

- Fill out online or printed application
- Confirm/obtain membership to NATA or IFBOA
- Schedule appointment with physician
- Submit payment

Online Application: Pilot/Member | Online Application: Spouse

If you have questions, please email