NATA Healthcare Initiative Program

Healthcare on the Horizon

NATA's low-cost healthcare option is tailored for our industry and provides medical health benefits with an integrated lifestyle and wellness improvement feature. With premium savings over comparable traditional insurance plans, NATA’s Program offers five plans with options in several categories including:


Other Program highlights include portals for both employees and employers, unlimited use of the telehealth feature – Telemedicine-MD Live with $0 copays, immediate savings (Program offers immediate enrollment without waiting for current renewal), and the ability to offer additional ancillary benefits. The NATA Program offers the highest level of service, with a dedicated CSR team.


Please note that a minimum of five enrolled employees are required for underwriting purposes of program.

Program quotes can not be produced without submitting:

Large group quotes (more than 100 employees):

Current employee census
Three years of rate and claims history
Copy of current plans

Small group quotes (less than 100 employees):
Current census
Individual health questionnaires

Email to contact a Program Representative.

Program administered by AP Aerospace Programs on behalf of NATA.