NATA - Safety 1st Professional Line Service Training (PLST)
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  • The Industry Standard for Line Service Specialists
  • Consistent, Efficient Initial and Recurrent Training
  • Self-Paced, Self-Directed and Easy to Administer
  • FAA Approved 14 CFR Part 139 Section 321 Fire Training
  • Covers 32 Comprehensive Line Topics
  • Delivers 9 Hours of State-Of-The-Art Curriculum
  • Adopted by Epic, Phillips 66 Aviation, Atlantic Aviation, Landmark Aviation, Million Air and 200 more FBO leaders.

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What Others Are Saying...

"This program goes a long way to prove an operation's safety consciousness and commitment. PLST Online saves FBOs money and does a real service for their customers, fuel suppliers and insurance companies."Steve Loyd, Loyd's Aviation

"PLST is proven to reduce the risk of injury, incidents and accidents associated with running an FBO." - Jim Gardner, JSL Aviation

"PLST Online is very thorough and quite good.  I thought the training was wonderful, and I actually learned quite a bit more from it than I might have expected as somebody with a lot of experience in the industry."- Gary Davis, Don Davis Aviation

"I feel this new form of training challenges our teammates (trainees) not only to memorize information, but to grasp the full context of each training module with a complete understanding of the materials presented." - Shawn Mack, Banyan Air Service

"I'm a professional line service technician with 13 years of training and experience. Even if you've been doing the job for a while it's always good to have a refresher and to refocus on safety and staying up to date." - Barry Aston, Georgia Midcoast Regional Airport

"This online format is very good in terms of pace. If you didn't quite get something, you could play the section again. Also, as a trainer, asking questions throughout is a very good touch." - Simon Wade, Universal Aviation in London

"I appreciated the assistance given since training online was such a different experience for me. It was nice to know it was much easier to use than I anticipated. The training itself was interactive and really kept my interest from start to finish. PLST Online is so informative we ordered it for all our line service specialists." - Jorge Rodriguez, Miami Executive Aviation

"It covers everything from A to Z, and when you complete it you're going to have a much more comprehensive understanding about everything on the line." - Tim Nestler, South Florida Jet Center (a subsidiary of Hop A Jet Wordwide Jet Charter)

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