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Tuesday, 16 March, 2010

Florida Legislature Voting On Bill Placing Unneccessary Restrictions On FBOs


March 16, 2010

What’s at Issue
Florida is expected to consider a bill introduced by a member of the Florida House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means, Representative Carey Baker (R), which would prohibit fixed-base operators (FBOs) from controlling the price of their fuel if they’re the sole contractor at a public-use airport.  In addition, Florida Senate bill 1500 (SB 1500) would prohibit the imposition of storage, landing, or departure fees on aircraft that are located on public-use airport property for less than 90 minutes. 

Why It’s Important
The Florida legislature is trying to impose restrictions on FBOs that are unfounded.  An FBO should have the authority to determine a fuel charge that fits its business model and customer base at a public-use airport.  Fuel rates for any business, whether it’s a gasoline station or an FBO selling aviation gas or jet fuel, should be at the discretion of that business and not the Department of Transportation.  Enforcing these mandates creates an even bigger problem, as the state aviation department lacks the resources to take on such a task. 

A public-use airport receiving federal funding should not be required to adhere to a uniform state law prohibiting competition and business growth at airports throughout the state.  There are many small businesses that operate out of public-use airports that contribute much needed jobs in the state. 

To view the complete text of SB 1500, please click here.  

What to Do
NATA is urging its members who have an interest in Florida to contact the Members of the Committee on Ways and Means immediately and request they oppose SB 1500.

To view the Committee on Ways and Means contact information, please click here.

NATA Position
NATA strongly encourages its members to be outspoken in opposition to SB 1500.  Unfortunately, we’re fighting this bill under an extremely short time frame. 

The Florida House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means is expected to vote on SB 1500 by the end of the week.  Time is of the essence – ACT NOW!

Staff Contact:    Kristen Moore
Director, Legislative Affairs

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