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Tuesday, 24 January, 2012

Oppose Senate Bill 1109 Prohibiting FBOs From Charging Ramp Fees

Oppose Senate Bill 1109 Prohibiting FBOs From Charging Ramp Fees

South Carolina State Senator Phil P. Leventis (D – Sumter and Lee Counties) introduced legislation, S. 1109, to prohibit fixed base operators (FBOs) in the state from charging a fee, including ramp fee, to aircraft that use their facility but do not purchase any services.

The bill was introduced on January 17th, and has been referred to the Senate Transportation Committee.  It’s imperative that we act in opposition to defeat this bill.  NATA members in the state of South Carolina are being asked to contact Senator Leventis as well as the Senators on the Transportation Committee in opposition to S. 1109

Send an electronic message to Senator Leventis here.

Click here for a list of Senate Transportation Committee Members.

Click here for a sample opposition letter to S. 1109.

Contact the members of the Senate Transportation Committee and send an opposition letter on S. 1109 letter today!

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