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Thursday, 06 December, 2018

NATA Recognizes FAA Efforts to Combat Illegal Charter

Washington, DC, December 6, 2018 –The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) and its Illegal Charter Task Force (ICTF) welcomed news from the FAA that it is continuing its crackdown on those who conduct illegal for-hire charter operations. This week, an FAA press release announced a proposed $624,000 penalty against a California company for allegedly conducting illegal passenger-carrying flights.

Since launching the Illegal Charter Task Force earlier this year, the Association has engaged with FAA staff at the agency’s headquarters and in the field to educate them on the proliferation of improper aircraft leasing schemes and encourage meaningful action to address the illegal charter problem. 

“We have had nothing but positive reaction from air charter operators and the FAA on the efforts of NATA’s Illegal Charter Task Force,” explained NATA Vice President Ryan Waguespack.

“A key mission of our ICTF is to inform aircraft owners about the limits of their ability to receive payment for the use of their aircraft. We believe most aircraft owners and managers intend to operate within the rules, but the regulations can be complex and difficult to understand and apply. Our goal is to provide them educational resources to help keep their operations legal,” Waguespack continued. 

In this new enforcement action, the business in question was the subject of a civil penalty for unauthorized operations in the past year, making this the second time the FAA has pursued enforcement action for illegal charter flights. 

“Unfortunately, there is a segment of owners and aircraft managers within the industry that willfully engage in prohibited activities and we rely on the FAA’s enforcement authorities in such cases,” added Waguespack. 

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