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Thursday, 30 July, 2020

FAA Grants Extension on Crewmember Relief

Today, the Federal Aviation Administration granted the National Air Transportation Association’s (NATA) request for an extension to exemptions regarding certain crew training and checking requirements. NATA’s continued engagement with the FAA is crucial as the lifting of restrictions remains fluid and we move toward a gradual return to operations. NATA and its members applaud the efforts of the FAA for addressing the needs of the industry. This collaboration ensures air transportation availability and continued aviation safety.

The two exemptions, available to all Part 119 certificated carriers operating under Part 135, were initially granted to NATA in late March and were previously extended in May. The new extension for Exemption No. 18509B extends the date until November 30, 2020 and Exemption No. 18510B extends the date to December 31, 2020.

A certificate holder that submitted a Letter of Intent prior to July 30, 2020, in accordance with the previous issuances of this exemption has met the requirement of Condition and Limitation No. 1 and does not have to submit another letter. Both exemption extensions require each certificate-holder to provide a revised plan to mitigate any potential risk introduced by extending the relief to training, testing, or checking.

Every Part 135 operator should obtain and carefully review these exemptions.

Exemption No. 18509B
Regulations addressed: §§ 135.293(b), 135.295(e) and (g), 135.297(c)(1)(i) and (ii), 135.331(c)(3), (5), and (7), 135.347(a), and 135.351(b)(2) and (c) provides alternative methods to conduct certain required crewmember emergency procedures during recurrent and upgrade training, testing, and checking.

Exemption No. 18510B
Regulations addressed: §§ 135.245(c), 135.247(a), 135.301(a), 135.323(b), 135.337(g), 135.338(g), 135.339(b), 135.340(b), and 135.505(d) provides limited relief from the timeframes for completing recurrent training and qualification requirements for ground personnel and crewmembers. FAR § 61.57(e)(3) was added to the relief provided by this exemption. Section 61.57(e)(3) provides an exception for a pilot in command who is employed by a part 119 certificate holder authorized to conduct operations under part 135 when the pilot is engaged in a flight operation under part 91 or 135 for that certificate holder if the pilot in command complies with the recent flight experience requirements of part 135 (§ 135.247).

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