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Wednesday, 02 September, 2020

New DEF in FSII Field Test Provides Another Layer of Protection in Contamination Prevention

Washington, DC, September 2, 2020 – The DEFKit®, available now through Gammon Technical Products (GTP) is a simple to use field test for detecting Diesel Exhaust Fluid in Fuel System Icing Inhibitor. Developed by Emcee Electronics — a leading supplier of laboratory instruments for aviation fuel testing — the new DEFKit® can detect DEF contamination levels in FSII as low as 2%.

According to GTP’s Bulletin 181, the test can be performed by mechanics or pilots and is recommended for use after each refilling of the FSII additive reservoir on refueling equipment. It requires no specialized training or instrumentation.

“NATA welcomes the introduction of the DEFKit® to the market as it is the first in-field test that can detect DEF contamination in FSII. We are pleased to work alongside the innovators at Gammon Technical Products in providing products and training to the industry that make a difference,” stated NATA’s Senior VP Ryan Waguespack.

The test was developed following a series of contamination events where DEF was accidentally mistaken for FSII, both of which are clear, colorless liquids.

It’s important to note that the DEFKit® is not a fuel test, but rather detects DEF in neat FSII. According to Allan Barberio of Emcee Electronics the number one question they get is “why can’t you find DEF in fuel?” Allan points out that “due to the insolubility of DEF in jet fuel, testing the fuel for the presence of DEF is not feasible.”  

“DEF contamination is 100% preventable with the proper training and controls in place, and the DEFKit® from Gammon Technical Products and Emcee Electronics adds an extra layer of protection to ensure we don’t experience another contamination event,” added Michael France NATA’s Managing Director of Safety and Training.

NATA offers a free operational best practice on DEF Handling and Contamination Prevention and has DEF contamination prevention training available through its Safety 1st Training Center. The new DEFKit® can be ordered through Gammon Technical Products, and for more information and additional resources on preventing DEF contamination, visit NATA’s DEF Awareness Page.

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