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Wednesday, 10 March, 2021

President Biden Expected to Sign Into Law House Approved $1.9 Trillion COVID Stimulus Bill

Following Senate passage over the weekend, today the House approved a $1.9 trillion COVID stimulus bill which is expected to be signed into law by President Biden. The bill contains many provisions NATA actively supported during consideration, including another round of Payroll Support Program funding for air carriers and their contractors. It will also make an additional $100 million available for general aviation airports impacted by the pandemic, and creates a new $3 billion program to support the aviation manufacturing workforce.
Of note, the bill contains $14 billion to extend the air carrier payroll support program and $1 billion for contractors, $8 billion for airports including $100 million for general aviation airports, and $3 billion for aviation manufacturers’ payrolls.
NATA is optimistic that our industry is beginning a slow recovery, and today’s vote will put us firmly on a positive path. This bill’s support for aviation businesses ensures we will continue facilitating the transport of vaccines to rural and remote populations, moving time-sensitive test specimens, positioning much-needed PPE for medical personnel, and many other crucial missions.
NATA will continue to work closely with the federal agencies and Capitol Hill to ensure that once the bill becomes law, the government promptly and properly meets its mandates. As always, we will serve as a resource and guide as our members apply for federal assistance.
With this note, NATA is pleased to launch an informative, concise video resource for our members. Tune into the inaugural episode of NATA’s Legislative Real Talk to learn more about the bill’s impact on aviation businesses.

Concurrently, NATA is working diligently with the Treasury and Capitol Hill to address the protracted PSP2 application process. We appreciate your feedback on this issue and will keep you apprised of developments.  

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