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Monday, 21 June, 2021

Safety 1st Clean Standard Updated

The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) has revised the Safety 1st Clean Standard to reflect the latest updates from the CDC concerning the Federal Mask Order for Transportation Hubs and best practices pertaining to facility cleaning and disinfecting. 

The latest revision to the Standard (v2021.1) provides general guidance on cleaning, disinfecting, and facility operations in response to a pandemic. The goal of this standard is to safeguard FBO team members, clients, corporate assets, and the general public. 

Key among the 2021.1 revisions are the CDC’s June 10th, 2021 announcement to “not require that people wear masks while outdoors on conveyances or while outdoors on the premises of transportation hubs. 

Additional changes include revisions to facility cleaning and disinfecting best practices, based on CDC guidance calling for cleaning to occur daily, and disinfecting of shared spaces to only occur when certain conditions apply and at the discretion of the facility operator.  

The Safety 1st Clean standard provides a self-certification process that allows FBOs to highlight their conformance to the standard by displaying the Safety 1st Clean logo. Since the 2021.1 revision does not include more stringent requirements, those currently certified to the 2020.2 revision do not need to reapply for certification.  

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