Pilot Retention Programs for
Part 135, Part 125, Part 91K and Part 91 Operators

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FAA Medical Certification Services Program

The NATA FAA Medical Certification Services benefit program is now exclusively available through the association to all Part 135 air carriers and their pilots, as well as Part 91 corporate flight departments and their pilots, for a budget-friendly flat, per-pilot monthly fee. NATA members are eligible for a significant additional discount.

Administered by Harvey Watt & Co., this program was previously available only when combined with insurance products or by Airlines to their pilots. NATA’s FAA Medical Certification Services program grants an operator’s pilots unlimited confidential access to doctors & nurses, a subscription to Harvey Watt’s monthly Aviation Medical Bulletin and expert representation in submitting documents to the FAA, responding to FAA inquiries, expediting recertification case reviews, appeals, and presenting cases to specialty FAA board hearings.


Loss of License Insurance Program 

Over 1,000 pilots now enrolled!

NATA partnered with Harvey Watt & Co. to bring an exclusive Loss of License Insurance program to Part 135, Part 125, Part 91K and Part 91 operators.

Harvey Watt & Co. began the first Loss of License Insurance program in 1951 to protect professional pilots and their families from devastating financial loss due to disability. They currently manage the Loss of License Insurance programs for the major airlines.

This exclusive NATA program delivers:

  • Loss of license insurance which covers pilots who lose their FAA medicals providing them income replacement during this period.
  • Lower group rates leveraging our nearly 1,000 charter operators
  • A la carte plan options can be employer or employee paid
  • Comparable plans to commercial airline offerings


Pilot Group Term Life Insurance Program

Through NATA’s Pilot Group Term Life Insurance Program, Harvey W. Watt & Co. (HWC) leverages 73,000-existing pilot-clients to provide one of the best combinations of coverage and rates available, making this offering extremely competitive and beneficial to NATA members and others in the aviation business community.
The NATA Pilot Group Term Life Insurance Program offers: 
high coverage limits of $1.5M without future health inquiries
competitive industry-leading rates
portability that can be kept regardless of changes to your employer, health, or association status

NATA-Med powered by AirDocs: 24/7 Emergency Inflight Support Program

NATA-Med powered by AirDocs is an exclusive program that improves operational safety and inflight assistance - 24/7.

NATA-Med reduces liability by giving pilots inflight access to medical personnel. In addition, the service helps avoid costly and unnecessary flight diversions and coordinates ground assets post flight. Assistance before, during, and after flights:


  • NATA-Med acts as the company physician, writing prescriptions and tailoring onboard med kits
  • Training: Crew medical kit training seminar either in person or via video conference.
  • Cockpit placards provided for communication and direction
  • Flight planning: Real-time medical, security, and travel info about locations on itinerary: crew alerts with itinerary specific updates
  • Go/No Go Assessments: flight surgeons determine if crew or passengers can fly


  • Emergency care provided solely by flight surgeons
  • Global airspace monitoring and resources to advise recommended alternate airports

Post flight:

  • Coordinates ground medical assets and transition patient to appropriately equipped medical provider
  • Coordinates medical evacuations when appropriate
  • Incident documentation reporting provided to management within 24 hours of event

This Program is resourced by flight surgeons and was created by Harvey Watt & Company (HWC), in conjunction with former NASA/Space Shuttle Recovery Team Senior & Chief Flight Surgeons, and US Space Command/USAFR Senior Flight Surgeons.