Protection for Employees | Savings for You

The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) is proud to offer a member benefit that lets your workers compensation insurance program work harder for you.

The Program, underwritten by QBE Aviation offers tangible financial benefits to participating businesses with a Good Experience Return (GER).

Join the program that rewards safety performance with additional savings!

Annual Safety Return Recently Exceeded GER of 20%

Featuring competitive rates and a GER at the end of the year, this Program continues to grow with more than 900 aviation business participating over the past five years, earning over $22 million dollars in returns from the Program Profit Sharing. This broker-driven program included a recently issued annual Good Experience Return that exceeded 20% — providing additional savings for companies based on group performance.

Read recent GER announcement of $6.1 million for participants.

Put This Member Benefit to Work for You:

  • Competitive rates
  • Additional savings for participating companies based on group performance in the form of a Good Experience Return
  • Underwritten by QBE Aviation

New Credit Incentive for Program Enrollment

NATA now provides a credit incentive for new joins! Choose between a credit for Safety 1st Training or NATA Compliance Services. Click here to learn more!


For more information fill out the form below or have your broker contact:

Brian Neal
Vice President, Head of Aviation Workers Compensation

Michael Lumpkin
AVP – Lead Underwriter

Jennifer Reynolds

Senior Underwriter - Aviation Workers Compensation at QBE

Participation in the program is also subject to underwriting acceptability.

While the program is available in most states, it cannot be written in the Workers Compensation monopolistic states of North Dakota, Ohio, Washington, and Wyoming. Participation in the program is also subject to underwriting acceptability. Good Experience Returns are not guaranteed, but we're confident you'll like these odds. Even if the group experiences unusually adverse losses, you'll never pay more than your policy premium.

The Allianz Program is no longer available through NATA, effective 1/1/2019.

Program administered by AP Aerospace Programs on behalf of NATA.