Next Compliance Date is December 7, 2021

What Do You Need To Do?

  1. By September 8, 2021, you needed to:

    Step 1:  Choose your certificate’s Responsible Person (RP).
    See Who Can Serve as the Responsible Person?

    Step 2:  Have the RP use the MyAccess system to verify their identity and create a user account.
    See MyAccess Account

    Step 3:  Finally, have the RP complete their registration for PRD access.
    See FAA PRD Account Registration

    Completion of the RP registration process was required by September 8th. If you haven’t completed MyAccess registration you should take immediate steps to comply.

  2. By December 7, 2021, all air carriers and operators required to review pilot records in accordance with PRIA and/or part 111 must use the PRD to obtain the related FAA records. Submissions of FAA Form 8060-10 after that date will no longer be accepted.

Hiring carriers must obtain and review records maintained by the FAA related to an applicant’s pilot certificate, medical certificate and certain other records maintained by the agency. Beginning on December 7, 2021, carriers MUST use the PRD to request and review those records. The FAA will no longer accept Form 8060-10 after December 6, 2021. (Note: Even before the December deadline, you may obtain FAA pilot records from the PRD instead of using Form 8060-10.)

Continue Planning for the transition from PRIA to PRD

  • Review the FAA PRD resources
  • Review the PRD preamble and Final Rule for detailed information on the new rules.
  • Determine who else in your company will need PRD access. Your RP will be able to approve additional persons to perform pilot checks and upload records.
  • Begin planning your process for completing record checks on new hire pilots.
  • Develop your plan for uploading
    • Records for current pilots
    • Historical pilot records

Who Can Serve as the Responsible Person?

The RP must be a person serving in a required management position. At most part 135 operators those positions are: Chief Pilot, Director of Operations, or Director of Maintenance. For Single Pilot operators, the named pilot will be the RP.

MyAccess Account

MyAccess is found at https://iacra.faa.gov/IACRA/eAuth.aspx.

View FAA’s MyAccess registration guide.

Having trouble completing the MyAccess verification?

If your identity verification cannot be completed in MyAccess you will need to contact the FAA for assistance. The FAA staff managing the PRD recommend that you contact them to arrange for completion of your verification. The FAA PRD office reports that they are usually able to resolve verification issues quickly, often the same or next day. While your POI is also authorized to help, they may not have the ability to respond as quickly as the PRD office and may not be fully aware of all the new PRD rules and procedures. You can follow the appropriate link from the FAA’s website to send a message to the FAA PRD office or you may email the FAA directly at 9-amc-avs-prdsupport@faa.gov for verification help.

FAA PRD Account Registration

The PRD is located at https://prd.faa.gov/.

The FAA has created a user guide to assist in completing the registration process so that the RP can access records in the PRD.

The RP will login using their MyAccess credentials and submit the required information. Once the FAA PRD Administrator reviews and approves the application, the RP will receive an email that the registration is approved.


In June, the FAA published regulations establishing the PRD. The PRD is an internet-accessible database that will hold the pilot records that air carriers must review prior to hiring a pilot. The regulations establish the transition steps from the Pilot Records Improvement Act (PRIA) to the PRD. By 2024, the PRIA system will be completely phased out.

Under PRIA, action by carriers was only triggered when hiring a pilot or when a former pilot was in the hiring process at another operator. The PRD rule creates an obligation for operators to continuously upload pilot records throughout their employment, meaning all carriers will need to obtain access and upload records - even if they are not currently hiring pilots. It also requires participation in the process from operators that may not have been impacted by PRIA, such as Single Pilot Part 135 operators.

Key Resources:

MyAccess and PRD account Job Aids.

FAA PRD webpage.

The PRD regulations are found at 14 CFR part 111.

Review the Preamble and Final Rule as published on June 10, 2021.