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State Advocacy Network

NATA has developed a State Advocacy Network (SAN) made up of regional volunteers who act as representatives to keep each other and the association informed of pressing issues in their state.

   2014 NATA Compensation Survey Available for Purchase
NATA published its 2014 survey of general aviation service employee compensation. The survey includes salaries and benefits for pilots, line-service personnel and maintenance technicians. Visit NATA Store and select search to see full range of products.
Got Weather?

NATA is partnering with the FAA and other general aviation stakeholders on a safety campaign during the 2014 flying season titled “Got Weather?” The purpose of the eight month campaign is to help general aviation pilots prepare for the potential weather challenges they may encounter. The Got Weather? campaign will run through December 2014 and refresh each month to highlight new topics including turbulence, thunderstorms, icing or crosswinds and the resources available to pilots. NATA encourages its members to visit http://www.faa.gov/go/gotweather to get fast facts and links to partner videos, safety seminars, quizzes, proficiency programs, online training, case studies, and more.

FAA Introduces Electronic PIREP Submissions
The FAA recently published Information to Operators (InFO) 14011, announcing a new online Pilot Report (PIREP) submission tool located on the National Weather Service Aviation Weather Center "Aviation Digital Data" website. The tool will allow users to enter turbulence and icing PIREPs electronically. These PIREPs will be integrated into existing weather forecast processes to improve accuracy. Operators interested in participating must enroll with the FAA. Details regarding enrollment and PIREP submission may be found in the InFO
Hendricks to Speak at First Annual Cincinnati Business Aviation Symposium
NATA President and CEO Thomas L. Hendricks will speak to attendees at the first annual 2014 Cincinnati Business Aviation Symposium (CBAS2014) in Cincinnati, OH on Friday, September 5, 2014. Hosted by Reynolds Jet, CBAS2014  will  bring together leading business aviation companies and flight departments from the tri-state area  to discuss current topics that affect aviation businesses in the area and to provide networking opportunities to build stronger local aviation businesses. Click here for more information, an agenda of events, and to register for CBAS2014. 
Controlling Your Workers’ Compensation Claims Costs Webinar   
Understanding the claims process of Workers’ Compensation Insurance (WCI) helps minimize risk and ultimately helps control your claims costs. Join us for a FREE webinar on September 9, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. EDT.