In order to achieve its mission, NATA established a second organization called the National Air Transportation Foundation. NATF’s mission is to enhance the safety and quality of service provided the flying public by assisting aviation businesses in the education and training of their employees. To accomplish its mission, the foundation will: 

  • Foster relationships with colleges, universities and technical schools so that the education and training needs of aviation business are included in courses of study.
  • Develop specific education and training materials and programs, not otherwise available or affordable, to help aviation businesses better serve their customers and thereby succeed.
  • Support the Safety 1st program to promote safe handling of general aviation aircraft.
  • Maintain and provide up-to-date education and training information.
  • Develop apprenticeship and internship programs to provide general aviation businesses with a steady flow of qualified personnel, while providing affordable career opportunities.
  • Award academic and flight training scholarships, thereby assisting outstanding candidates to pursue careers in aviation service business
  • Provide information to high school counselors, vocational education centers, technical schools and community colleges on career opportunities in aviation service to ensure the future availability of qualified personnel.
  • Promote the benefits of aviation in the community by partnering with other organizations having similar goals.