With Our Programs, There is Strength in Numbers

NATA works hard to help protect your place of business and employees by bringing value and savings to our members. NATA is proud to offer several cost effective and high performing insurance programs:

NATA Group Safety Plan

Put your workers’ compensation insurance to work for you. This program (formerly called the NATA Workers Compensation Insurance Program) — underwritten by Old Republic Aerospace — includes an annual Good Experience Dividend (GED), which provides premium savings based on group performance. Since 1975, this Plan has returned 20% of the overall premium to participants while being managed by the current Program Administrator. 

Loss of License Insurance

NATA partnered with Harvey Watt & Co. to bring an exclusive Loss of License Insurance program to Part 135, Part 125, Part 91K and Part 91 operators.

Harvey Watt & Co. began the first Loss of License Insurance program
 in 1951 to protect professional pilots and their families from devastating financial loss due to disability. They currently manage the Loss of License Insurance programs for the major airlines.

This exclusive NATA program delivers:

  • Loss of license insurance which covers pilots who lose their FAA medicals providing them income replacement during this period.
  • Lower group rates leveraging our nearly 1,000 charter operators
  • A la carte plan options can be employer or employee paid
  • Comparable plans to commercial airline offerings

 Pilot Group Term Life Insurance Program

Online Application: Pilot/Member | Online Application: Spouse

NATA and Harvey Watt & Co. teamed up to provide this brand-new Program! The Pilot Group Term Life Insurance Program is designed specifically to protect professional pilots and their families. We offer guaranteed portable policies with the most competitive insurance options available. Easy enrollment, with no future health questions.

Program highlights:

No exclusions except suicide which is removed after two years of coverage Coverage up to $1.5M
Portable policy: coverage stays in place if they get a new job
Available to pilots, spouses, and all employees of NATA member companies
Spouse can purchase even if the Member does not
No future health questions once enrolled

NATA Healthcare Initiative Program

NATA partnered with Peak Benefit Administrators for the launch of the NATA Healthcare Initiative Program. 

This brand-new level-funded group program for members provides medical health benefits with an integrated wellness and lifestyle improvement Program. With premium savings over comparable traditional insurance plans, NATA’s Program offers five plans with options in several categories including health, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance. The NATA Program offers the highest level of service, with a dedicated CSR team.


Programs administered by AP Aerospace Programs on behalf of NATA.