The leadership and staff of NATA are committed to safeguarding our member businesses’ present success while charting the course for the entire industry’s future growth—and a key aspect of that work involves collaboration with the Federal Aviation Administration. As such, much of our work here on Capitol Hill involves advocacy for sufficient resources and strategic policies to equip the Agency to maintain a safe and secure NAS that supports a thriving business aviation industry. 

The coming months offer another valuable opportunity to shape the future of the Agency as leaders in both chambers of Congress and on both sides of the aisle prepare for the next FAA Reauthorization—critical legislation that will determine the Agency’s programming, policies, and direction from 2023 to 2028. During that period, our industry is poised to make significant progress on innovations affecting everything from the fuels that power our industry to the aircraft we manufacture, operate, and service. Now is the time for us to consider the best parameters to foster innovative growth, modernize infrastructure, increase sustainability, prioritize safety, strengthen our workforce, and increase efficiency—while continually building upon the success of business aviation.

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