On January 11, 2023, the FAA published the Safety Management System (SMS) notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) updating and expanding the Part 5 requirement for SMS to Part 135 operators, Part 91 air tour operators, and certain Part 21 design and manufacturing organizations.

The rulemaking addresses the Section 102 mandate from the Aircraft Certification, Safety, and Accountability Act, as well as recommendations from the National Transportation Safety Board and two Aviation Rulemaking Committees. Compliance times would vary between one and two years after the rule takes effect, depending on the operation.

Following a request from NATA, the FAA has granted a 30-day extension for the Safety Management System (SMS) notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) comment period. The new April 12 deadline allows the Association additional time to collect input from members on how the extension of SMS requirements to Part 135 and Part 91 operators will impact operations. “The Association welcomes the opportunity to leverage our members’ knowledge, experience, and input in discussions with the FAA on the most efficient and effective path forward for SMS implementation,” stated NATA Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Alan Stephens.

We Want to Hear from You

To assist in our efforts, we want to hear from you to gain a full understanding of the impact of the proposed rule on your operations, develop appropriate comments, and continue to provide resources that assist you in elevating and promoting a robust safety culture.

The NATA Regulatory Team is in the process of scheduling a series of webinars to coordinate feedback in ensuring a comprehensive NATA response to the NPRM.

Upcoming webinars:

Thursday, February 9

To allow for maximum NATA member participation, we ask that you choose only one session. Each webinar will be held for a total of ninety minutes and include guided discussion, the ability to enter specific comments in the chat portion of the video call, as well as online polling for answers to specific questions. Please take a few minutes prior to the webinar to prepare your thoughts and comments. Access to four supplemental documents pertinent to understanding the overall context of the NPRM can be accessed via this link: U.S. DOT/FAA Supplemental Materials.

 The FAA specifically requested responses to the following in the NPRM:

NATA will issue an invitation with the links to each webinar. Please select one that is most convenient for your schedule, come prepared to participate, and freely share your thoughts.