The General Aviation Fuel Handling Subcommittee operates underneath NATA’s Safety Committee and focuses on matters related to fuel quality and handling as they pertain to the GA industry in the United States. In addition to providing technical expertise in the development of industry guidelines, standards, and operational best practices it also serves to provide input into the work of the Energy Institute’s Aviation Committee.

Committee Members:

Reed Fuller
World Fuel Services

Rick Boyce
Everest Fuels

Keith Clark
Phillips 66 Aviation 

Brian Coyle
Signature Flight Support

Rob Guglielmi
Parker Velcon Filtration

Randy Harrison
AvFuel Corporation

John Leonard
Facet Filtration

John Linder 
Epic Fuels

Michael Mattern
Titan Aviation Fuels

Martin Tippl
FAUDI Aviation

Staff Contact
Steve Berry
Managing Director of Safety & Training
National Air Transportation Association