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##Date##                                                                            Volume 9 Issue 32


NATA is the National Air Transportation Association 

Founded in 1940, NATA aggressively promotes safety and the success of aviation service businesses through its advocacy efforts before government, the media and the public as well as by providing valuable programs and forums to further its members’ prosperity.

Upcoming Events

2010 Commercial Operators Tax Seminar - Indianapolis, IN - 8/17/2010

FBO Success Seminar - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - 10/5/2010

Line Service Supervisor Training Seminar - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - 10/6/2010

Summer E-learn Webinar Series:

8/10/2010 - Hiring and Screening in Todays Market

8/17/2010 - Social Media Strategies: Tools and Tactics for Success






EPA Proposes To Extend SPCC Rule Change Compliance Date
Last week, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued proposed rules that would extend the compliance dates for the December 2008 and November 2010 Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) plan rules to November 2011. This proposed rule change would affect aviation facilities with above ground storage of aviation fuel that have not yet updated their SPCC plans to reflect the 2008 and 2009 rule changes. The table below details the effects of the proposed rule changes on aviation facilities.

Facilities starting operations:

Would be required to:

On or before 8/16/2002*


Have and maintain their current SPCC Plan and,

Update and re-implement that plan to reflect the 2008 & 2009 SPCC rule changes by November 10, 2011

After 8/16/2002 through 11/10/2011

Develop and implement an SPCC plan by November 10, 2011

After 11/10/2011

Develop and implement an SPCC plan prior to beginning operations

* It should be noted that starting operation date refers to new facilities not changes in ownership

Due the many changes the SPCC rules have undergone in the past several years, NATA fully supports the EPA’s proposal to delay compliance until November 2011. The proposed rule change is available here and will be open for comment until August 18.


California's Regulation Of Flight Schools

NATA’s legislative effort to provide relief for flight training facilities from regulations issued by the California Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education continues this week as Assembly Bill 1140 (AB 1140) is heard in the California Senate Business and Professions Committee. AB 1140, of which NATA is an official sponsor, provides for an 18-month delay in compliance for flight training along with a requirement for the California Legislature to hold hearings to evaluate the appropriateness of regulating flight training.

Last week, NATA received the support of its members and other interested parties in response to its Action Call asking for support of AB 1140 as it headed into the committee. NATA’s lobbyist and several NATA members will attend the Senate Business and Professions Committee hearing, although it is not known if testimony will be allowed. NATA will publish a member update at the conclusion of the hearing.


Legislative Reports On Aviation Safety Bill And Transportation Funding Legislation Now Available

Last week, Congress passed legislation extending federal aviation taxes and spending authority for the FAA for 60 days. H.R. 5900 includes several provisions enacting new aviation safety reforms that will impact all air charter operators and flight schools. Click here to read NATA’s Legislative Report on H.R. 5900.

In addition, the House passed the fiscal year 2011 (FY11) funding bill for the Department of Transportation that includes the FAA. H.R. 5850 provides $67.4 billion in discretionary spending, $1.3 billion below the President’s request and $500 million below FY10 levels. For aviation safety programs, $1.3 billion was provided, $70.42 million above FY10 and $10.5 million above the President’s request for FAA safety enforcement efforts.

To read NATA’s Legislative Report on the FY11 Transportation Appropriations Bill, please click here.


FAA GA And Part 135 Activity Survey Is Under Way
Those contacted to complete a survey need to do so before Aug. 31!

Your help is needed to provide accurate information on aviation activity and aviation safety. The 32nd annual General Aviation and Part 135 Activity Survey (GA Survey) for reporting on calendar year 2009 is underway. The FAA’s annual GA Survey is the only source of information on the size and makeup of the general aviation and Part 135 fleets, the number of hours flown, and the reasons people fly. These data help to determine funding for infrastructure and service needs, assess the impact of regulatory changes, and measure aviation safety. The GA Survey is also used to prepare safety statistics and calculate the rate of accidents among general aviation aircraft.

If you received a postcard invitation or survey by mail, please complete the survey today. You can complete the survey on-line at (use aircraft N-Number to login) or if you would prefer to respond by mail, a survey form was mailed to you on July 23 along with a postage-paid envelope. If you already completed this year’s survey online, thank you! Your help is appreciated.

Why is your participation important?

  • Your participation is needed so accurate estimates of aviation safety are prepared. Data from this survey is used to calculate fatal accident rates for general aviation and Part 135 aircraft.
  • We need to hear from everyone! Please respond, even if you did not fly your aircraft during 2009, you sold it, or the plane was damaged.
  • Your responses are completely confidential. PA Consulting Group is an independent research firm that conducts the GA Survey on behalf of the FAA. The information provided will be used only for statistical purposes and will not be published or released in any form that would reveal specific information reported by an individually identifiable respondent.
  • An abbreviated survey form is available for owners of multiple aircraft. Your time is valuable, so if you own three or more aircraft and received several survey forms, please contact PA Consulting Group.

Questions? Lost the survey form? Own three or more aircraft? Please contact PA Consulting Group toll-free at 1-800-826-1797 or email Thank you!

Showcase Your Facility By Providing A Congressional Tour

The U.S. Congress has adjourned for a six-week August recess. This lengthy adjournment will allow Members of Congress to spend as much time as possible in their districts and states prior to the mid-term elections on November 2nd. With advance notice, Members of Congress welcome the opportunity to visit constituents and local businesses in their community. NATA encourages its members to host a congressional tour to showcase your business, airport or facility and educate your Members of Congress and their staff about the importance of your aviation business to the community and to our nation’s economy.

For more information on hosting a congressional tour, please click here to view NATA’s Congressional Tour Webpage.


NATA Members Can Now Save On Uniform Services
NATA is pleased to announce a new program with ARAMARK Uniform Services to provide its members access to a discounted uniform rental and leasing solution. This money- and time-saving membership benefit was recently negotiated to provide added value to your membership.

ARAMARK Uniform Services is America’s leading supplier of rugged work wear, uniforms, outerwear, safety apparel and anything else you need to outfit your workers for America’s toughest jobs. Their state-of-the-art facilities let you personalize your work wear for a professional brand image. ARAMARK is also a single-source provider of flame resistant apparel and arc flash protective equipment.

NATA members may now take advantage of these valuable and convenient savings:

- 20% off rental and lease uniform rates

- 20% off facility services (mats, towels, mops, restroom supplies, etc.)

To learn more about ARAMARK and the products and services that are available, please click here to log in and visit the Member Resource area of


NATA Members Can Now Save Up To 10% Off A Car Rental With Hertz
Wherever your travel takes you, close to home or around the world, your NATA CDP number is the key to special savings. Be sure to include it in all of your reservations. To view and print an NATA CDP card, click here. To find the lowest rates, special offers and information about Hertz locations, vehicles and services, click here for a link.

Top 5 Reasons You Must Attend The Commercial Operators Tax Seminar
August 17-18 in Indianapolis

#1. This is the only operator-focused tax seminar addressing the current and often confusing world of tax issues affecting aircraft charter and management.

#2. The release of amended OpSpec A008 has led to a myriad of issues not only for certificate holders but also for owners – many tax issues have resulted from initiatives to ensure operational control.

#3. Get answers to your complex questions regarding Federal Excise Taxes, state taxes, international fees, FAR and IRS regulations because ample question and answer time is provided.

#4. Expert instructors will deliver the information and tools necessary to enable seminar attendees to determine where taxes and fees apply and how best to manage tax compliance and the impact on company cash flow.

#5. Hear the latest information on working with brokers and possible new regulations.

NATA and Conklin & de Decker have put together this informative two-day seminar to cover all the tax issues charter operators face. Visit for full seminar and housing details.

This seminar is a must-attend for those involved with aircraft charter, whether you are an owner, operator, charter broker, insurance broker, consultant, lawyer, etc.

Register for the Commercial Operator Tax Seminar, August 17-18, in Indianapolis today!


Learn How To Create A Successful Hiring Plan
E-Learn Webinar - August 10, 2010 (12:00 noon EDT) - $49.95

In today's market, your staffing needs have changed, and the available workforce has broadened. Your greatest challenge is how BEST to design your hiring and screening process to get ahead of the competition and raise the bar on your hiring practices. This webinar will help you sort through the resumes and assist you with the key questions vital to finding the best fit for the job.

The presentation will be broken into three major topic areas:

1) Planning - Review an outline for a successful hiring and screening program designed to improve consistency and reduce liability.

2) Forms - Find out what content and language should be on hiring forms and why that information is required.

3) Execution - Learn how to talk to applicants by a walkthrough of two examples and find out how to put your plan in action.

Hiring & Screening in Today's Market will show you what a hiring plan looks like, prepare you with examples of proper forms, and demonstrate the execution of a proper plan. For more information, visit or click here to register now.


Archived E-Learn Webinars Now Available For Purchase

NATA’s E-learn program is designed to enhance your education from the convenience of your site. E-learn includes several webinars specially priced at $49.95 as well as free policy and event preview webinars. The registration rate for the scheduled webinars includes participation for one computer/connection in the live webinar, a pdf copy of the presentations and any additional materials. These 60-minute webinars complement NATA’s networking Summit, Conference and seminars by bringing experts on the hottest topics to you throughout the year. Archived webinar recordings along with a pdf of the presentation slides may be purchased by clicking here.

Visit for webinar details.

Links to Purchase Archived Webinar Recordings:
New or Amended Minimum Standards
Success with Social Media
Strategies for Negotiating with Airport Authorities

Link to Register for Upcoming Live Webinar:
August 10, 2010 (12:00 noon EDT) Hiring & Screening In Today’s Market ($49.95)


A Few Great Reasons To Go To Fort Lauderdale In October

FBO Success Seminar Series

The October 5-7 FBO Success Seminar in Ft. Lauderdale will help you discover leading, cutting-edge business strategies for maximizing profits at your FBO. It will help you with almost every conceivable situation in the day-to-day business of running a successful FBO, from developing a favorable lease with an airport authority to understanding and working with your fuel supplier; from decreasing credit card interest rate charges to lowering insurance premiums; and from dealing with FAA and Environmental Protection Agency issues to building long-term profitable customer relationships.

Seminar topics include:

  • A Strategic Overview Of FBO Success
  • Operating Your FBO Business In Good And Tough Times
  • Decrease Credit Card Interest Rates And Lower Insurance Premiums
  • Winning With Third-Party Fuel Providers
  • Stay On Time And Within Budget On Building Projects
  • Developing A Favorable Lease With Your Airport Authority And Positioning For Merger, Sale Or Acquisition
  • Optimize Operations And Prepare For Contingencies
  • Selecting And Developing Top Employees
  • Make Fractional Aircraft Programs Your Ally
  • Round Table Discussion: FBO Opportunities Or Threats And What To Do
  • Building Long-Term Profitable Customer Relationships
  • Making The Customer Your Best Friend
  • Marketing And Communications For Any Size FBO
  • Strengthen Your Fuel Supplier Relationship

Who should attend:

  • Owners 
  • Operators 
  • Managers 
  • Supervisors 

Don’t miss your last chance this year to join others to make your FBO more successful. Click here to register for the October 5-7 FBO Success Seminar in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Line Service Supervisor Training Seminar
The Line Service Supervisor Training Seminar October 6-7 in Ft. Lauderdale will round out the 2010 LSST seminar schedule. Don’t miss the chance to become more proficient in strategic planning, supervising staff, motivating others, communicating and coaching a team as well as to complete FAA-required 14 CFR 139.321 Fire Safety Training before the end of the year. This high-impact, high-energy seminar includes guided group debates, interactive discussions and various case studies designed to take you to a new level of leadership.

Don’t miss the final LSST Seminar in 2010. Click here to register today for the October 6-7 seminar in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.


Byer’s Weekly Blog
This week, NATA’s Director of Legislative Affairs Kristen Moore and Director of Regulatory Affairs Jacqueline Rosser discuss the recent FAA reauthorization extension approved by Congress.

To read this guest blog, please click here.


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