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NATA News - Government Shutdown Enters Third Week


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Government Shutdown Enters Third Week – General Aviation Feeling Effects

As the partial shutdown of the federal government enters its third week, lawmakers have failed to reach a compromise on border security, resulting in the halt of funding to the Department of Transportation and other unfunded departments in Fiscal Year 2019. There have been numerous attempts in Congress to end the shutdown, most recently by House Democrats to extend funding to the Department of Homeland Security through February 8th and the other unfunded agencies, including DOT, through September 30th. The House approved the package last Thursday and sent it to the Senate, but there is not enough support for it to pass the upper chamber, and President Trump has said he would veto it, or any other legislation that does not provide funding for the border wall. The general aviation community is beginning to feel the effects of the shutdown, with numerous reports of failed attempts to obtain ferry permits or add aircraft. Under the shutdown, the DOT requires the FAA only keep enough people in critical positions to maintain the safety of the current system. All other employees, including designated airworthiness representatives (DARs), are not essential and unable to assist aviation businesses as they continue operations. NATA is in contact with the FAA on this issue and is ready to assist you during the shutdown. Click here to contact an NATA government affairs staff member.

For more information about the government shutdown and which DOT and FAA offices are affected, click here.


NATA, IFBOA, and QBE Aviation Announce Agreement Extension and the Distribution of Approximately $5.5 Million in Good Experience Returns (GER) to Participants

Earlier today, NATA, Independent Fixed Base Operators Association (IFBOA) and QBE Aviation of QBE Holdings, Inc. announced a Good Experience Return (GER) of 26% for the close of 2017, totaling approximately $5.5 million in returns. A new five-year extension was also announced for QBE Aviation to underwrite the NATA Workers Compensation Insurance Program. To date, over $15 million in GER has been earned by program participants.


“On behalf of QBE, we are thrilled to announce the agreement of a five-year extension to underwrite the NATA Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program. Key program components are safety and returns, which currently average 21% in GER. We are once again proud to announce the closing of another successful year,” stated Steve Allen, QBE’s Senior Vice President, Head of Aviation.

“Thanks to the strategic relationship with IFBOA, this program has been available to members of IFBOA since 2011 and NATA members since late 2015,” noted Tim Obitts, NATA COO. He added, “The dedication to safety is instrumental to the continued success of this member benefit and we are delighted to provide them with their tangible year-end returns.” Read more here.

To learn more about this top-performing member benefit program, please visit


NATA Ally Peter DeFazio Confirmed as Chairman of House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee

Last Friday, House leadership confirmed Representative Peter DeFazio (D-OR) to chair the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. President Gary Dempsey noted in a press statement Chairman DeFazio’s commitment to the general aviation community, which has been pivotal to our goal of promoting the safety and success of the aeronautical service industry. “The Chairman’s understanding of general aviation as a critical economic engine in thousands of rural communities across the nation has always been a great asset to the committee.” COO Tim Obitts added NATA’s commitment to continued collaboration with the Chairman and the committee, noting the numerous issues impacting the community—including illegal charter and a repeal of a provision that diverts billions of dollars away from the Airport and Airway Trust Fund, to ensure they “are understood by every member and become a priority in the 116th Congress.”

To learn more about Chairman DeFazio and his priorities, click here.


Next Week NATA Executives to Visit California Members to Discuss GA Issues, Charter Challenges and Environmental Sustainability | Attendance Is Free, RSVP Now

On January 14th and 15th, NATA will host its first two Air Charter Forums of the year in San Jose and San Diego, CA. These events will allow attendees to discuss issues impacting the regional Part 135 community, including illegal charter, federal excise taxes, the pilot shortage, FSDO relationships and more. On January 16th, NATA will host its first 2019 Industry Town Hall in Van Nuys, CA. The town hall will provide aviation business leaders from around the Los Angeles area the opportunity to sit down together and discuss the challenges, risks and opportunities within our industry.

On January 17th, NATA and a coalition of international industry organizations behind the Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuel (SAJF) Initiative and the associated Business Aviation Guide will host an event at Van Nuys Airport (VNY) in Los Angeles, CA. The Business Jets Fuel Green: A Step Toward Sustainability event will mark the business aviation industry’s undertaking to reduce emissions through the development and adoption of SAJF with the goal of a carbon-neutral future for the industry.

RSVP is required, and complimentary lunch is provided for the forums, town hall and Business Jets Fuel Green event. Sponsorship opportunities are available, please contact for more information on supporting these industry events.


   Industry News

FAA Releases Draft Order on Airport Development Planning


Last month, the FAA released Draft Order 5090.5, Formulation of the NPIAS-ACIP that aims to establish guidelines for managing and maintaining the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS) and the Airports Capital Improvement Plan (ACIP). Comments submitted on or before February 15, 2019 will be considered. This Order incorporates the following major changes:

    - Combines the NPIAS and ACIP orders into a single document to enable a comprehensive, orderly flow of airport development data – from planning through the completion of eligible airport development projects.

    -  Differentiates what is required by law and what is recommended by policy. It incorporates relevant legislative provisions, revised and added, in accordance with statutory changes since both Orders were last published independently in 2000.

    -  Updates the requirements for airports requesting entry into and withdrawal from the NPIAS, and it defines the roles of General Aviation airports in the NPIAS that were not defined in previous orders.

    - Updates the FAA’s Overall Development Objective concept to best capture project details for all planning and financial assistance programs that Airport Reference Point (ARP) administer.

    - Revises the National Priority System (NPS) equation, the numerical system for prioritizing airport development, to consider the airport’s role in the National Airport System.

Once finalized, this Order will cancel two Orders: FAA Order 5090.3C, Field Formulation of the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS), December 4, 2000 and FAA Order 5100.39A, Airports Capital Improvement Plan, August 22, 2000. Please click here to learn how to submit a comment. Comments are due on or before February 15, 2019. Read more here.


FAA New Year Regulatory Agenda


Coming this month, the FAA will release its semi-annual rulemaking agenda. On the list of topics are fees for new airman certificates, medical certificates and legal opinions pertaining to aircraft registration or recordation. This rulemaking would also revise existing fees for aircraft registration, recording of security interests in aircraft or aircraft parts and replacement of an airman certificate.

Next month, the final rulemaking requiring certain airport certificate holders to develop, implement, maintain and adhere to a safety management system (SMS) for aviation-related activities is expected. This will be the final rule for airport SMS and is expected to reflect comments to the notice of proposed rulemaking first published in December 2010.

Another issue under consideration is the planned rulemaking to establish additional safety requirements for the conduct of pilot guide operations in Alaska. In addition, the rulemaking would add a general provision applicable to pilots falling under the general operating and flight rules concerning falsification, reproduction and alteration of applications, logbooks and records.

Finally, future rulemaking under consideration would develop requirements for helicopter air ambulance crew resource management, flight risk evaluation, and operational control of the pilot-in-command, as well as standards for the use of flight simulation training devices and line-oriented flight training. Additionally, it would expand requirements for the use of safety equipment for flight crewmembers and flight nurses. The FAA has not set a timetable for these changes, however, there is a sense of urgency to get the rulemaking effort underway to address the continued high rate of accidents.


FAA Issues Final Rule on Use of ADS-B Out in Support of RVSM


Effective January 22, 2019, an operator of an aircraft equipped with a qualified Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast (ADS-B) Out system meeting altitude keeping equipment performance requirements for operations in Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) airspace will be permitted to operate in that airspace without requiring an RVSM authorization. The FAA states in the final rule that “this action recognizes the enhancements in aircraft monitoring resulting from the use of ADS-B Out systems and responds to requests from operators to eliminate the burden and expense of the current RVSM application process for aircraft equipped with qualified ADS-B Out systems.” It is important to note that the agency considers a qualified ADS-B Out system to be one that meets the requirements of 14 CFR 91.227. On January 1, 2020, operators must be equipped with ADS-B Out to fly in most controlled airspace.

  Association Highlights

WellVia Provides Telehealth Services to Members

NATA is pleased to work with WellVia, a nationally recognized Telehealth leader, to bring its cutting-edge wellness and non-emergency medical care services to the general aviation community. Members across the U.S. can now participate in a program with round-the-clock access to board-certified physicians for non-emergency care via mobile app, web or phone. 

Connect with a Doctor in three simple steps:

     1. Request a Consult
     2. Speak with a Doctor
     3. Pick up Your Prescription

Get started at


Interested in Speaking or Recommending a Session Topic for NATA’s 2019 Aviation Business Conference and Annual Meeting? | June 17-19 in DC


On June 17-19, 2019, NATA will host its Annual Meeting and Aviation Business Conference (ABC), which will take place at the Grand Hyatt Washington in Washington, DC. The event will commence with a reception on Monday evening and will conclude on Wednesday at noon. Attendees will hear from government policymakers, industry experts and other leaders representing various sectors of the general aviation community — including FBOs, airports, air charter operators and MROs. In addition, NATA will schedule meetings for attendees interested in meeting with their elected representatives on Capitol Hill. Along with several opportunities to connect with other attendees, NATA will introduce an innovative structure to next year’s program.

Early bird registration is available until Friday, April 12th, register now to save $95! Sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities are also available — starting at $250.


Check out what previous ABC attendees had to say about their experience. Interested in speaking at the conference or want to share a session topic we should cover, click here?

   Member Spotlight

American Aero FTW Accepted as Approved Gateway


Last Thursday, American Aero FTW – one of three service providers at Fort Worth, TX’s Meacham International Airport – was the latest to be accepted as an approved gateway for Washington, D.C.-area Ronald Reagan International Airport, under the TSA’s DCA Access Standard Security Program (DASSP). “This is a wonderful opportunity for us to get together with our aviation friends and neighbors to give thanks and to give back,” said Robert Bass, founder of American Aero FTW. “It is gratifying to be part of such a generous group of men and women, and to know that our efforts helped lift the spirits of children in need this holiday season.” Read more here.


Eastern Aviation Fuels Changes Name to Titan Aviation Fuels


On December 28th, Eastern Aviation Fuels, a leading marketer and distributor of aviation fuel products, announced that it has changed its name to better reflect the company’s future direction, including capabilities, services and market reach. Effective, January 1, 2019, the company will be known as Titan Aviation Fuels. “For more than 40 years, we have served the aviation industry and our FBO customers as Eastern Aviation Fuels,” said Robert “Robbie” Stallings IV, President. Read more here.

   ACSF News

The 2019 ACSF Safety Symposium Is Two Months Away


The 2019 Air Charter Safety Foundation Safety Symposium brings together the top professionals in the aviation industry and features industry leading professionals. Register now for this can't miss event at the NTSB Training Center in Ashburn, VA. The event takes place March 12-13, 2019. Don't miss out!

View attendee testimonials. | View past event details and topics.

Register at or call Bryan Burns at (202) 774-1515 to learn more.


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