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August 22, 2011     null     Volume 10 Issue 34
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nullCalifornia Flight Training Bill Headed To Assembly Floor

Senate Bill 619, a bill sponsored by NATA that provides relief to California flight training facilities from the rules issued by the Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE), was passed unanimously by the Assembly Committee on Business, Professions and Consumer Protection last week and is now headed to the Assembly floor for a vote. If approved by the Assembly, SB 619 would then head back to the Senate for a concurrence vote and, if passed there, on to Governor Brown for his signature. Although SB 619 has already passed the CA Senate unanimously, a concurrence vote is necessary because an urgency clause was added while the bill was in Assembly committee. The urgency clause will allow the bill to become effective as soon as it is signed by the governor rather than at the end of the calendar year.

SB 619 if passed and signed by the governor, would provide an exemption from the BPPE rules for all flight instructors and flight training programs that do not require the upfront payment of fees in amounts greater than $2500 or require students to sign a contract of indebtedness. 

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nullTSA Issues Air Cargo Screening Final Rule

Last week, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) published a Final Rule making several modifications to the interim final rule (IFR) establishing the Certified Cargo Screening Program (CCSP) published in 2009. The CCSP was created in response to the Implementing Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Act that required 100% of cargo loaded on passenger aircraft domestically to be screened. The CCSP allows cargo handling facilities to become certified by the TSA to perform screening of cargo prior to tendering that cargo to an air carrier for shipment. By moving cargo screening further back in the supply chain, the CCSP works to prevent the bottleneck in cargo transportation that would occur if all cargo had to be screened at the airport by the air carrier.

Last week’s Final Rule addressed the concerns voiced by the industry in comments to the 2009 IFR. Both of the significant concerns raised by NATA, in its 2009 comments, were addressed favorably by the TSA. The association has prepared a regulatory report that details the changes to the CCSP instituted by this Final Rule. These changes will become effective on September 19, 2011.

Click here to read the Air Cargo Screening Final Rule

Click here to read NATA’s Regulatory Report on the Air Cargo Screening Final Rule

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nullDon’t Miss This Week’s Commercial Operators Tax Seminar

The Commercial Operators Tax Seminar, co-hosted by NATA and Conklin & de Decker, is the only tax seminar that provides operators with detailed information on federal excise taxes (FET), how those taxes intertwine with FAA operational regulations, tips for surviving an FET audit and other key tax issues.

COTS is an in-depth, two-day seminar designed to address the tax issues faced by commercial air charter operators, including those that provide Part 91 aircraft management or combined charter/management services.

NATA and Conklin & de Decker know that those involved in the air charter industry often have numerous tax questions. This is why ample question-and-answer time is provided to make sure everyone has the opportunity to have their unique situation addressed.

Join us this Tuesday and Wednesday, August 23-24, to expand your understanding of air charter taxes and obtain clear, concise guidance you can take back to the office.

Learn more by visiting  Only onsite registration is now being accepted.

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nullGAMA Hosts Rally To Increase Awareness Of General Aviation Businesses

NATA will join the General Aviation Manufacturers Association on August 31, 2011, in Pierre, South Dakota, to praise U.S. Senator John Thune (R-SD) and his efforts to promote general aviation at the South Dakota General Aviation Rally. The rally, open to association members, will highlight the importance of general aviation to South Dakota. Congressional leaders and state and local public officials will interact with general aviation workers and the many users who rely on the industry to conduct business, access specialized healthcare services, treat crops and travel across the state. 

Date:               Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Time:               10:30 a.m.

Location:          Mustang Aviation (formerly Capital City Air)
                        4000 Airport Road
                        Pierre, SD 57501

“I urge NATA members to attend this event,” stated NATA President & CEO James K. Coyne. “General aviation rallies are a great way for Members of Congress to get a better sense of the industry’s positive impact on a state’s economy and job growth.”

To RSVP for the event and to receive more information, email

August Recess Is Here - Host A Congressional Tour Of Your Facility
Members of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives, in addition to spending a lot of time in Washington, spend valuable time in their states and districts during scheduled congressional work periods and recess periods such as the current August recess. The congressional August recess started August 8 and runs through September 7, 2011.

Members of Congress use recess opportunities to visit with constituents, making this the perfect time for NATA members to invite their Senators and Representatives to tour their facilities. A tour of your facility is a valuable way to inform key congressional leaders on the principal issues confronting our national air transportation system while allowing you to address other issues affecting your business.

This one-on-one interaction will give Members of Congress and their staff a better understanding of the value of America's aviation businesses and airline services companies. Host a tour today!

To learn more about how to host a Congressional tour, please click here.

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nullACSF Awareness Campaign

The Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) began an aggressive awareness campaign to educate the on-demand air charter, fractional ownership and business aviation industry on the goals and initiatives of the foundation. The South Florida, Greater St. Louis and Arizona Business Aviation Associations are a few of the forums at which the ACSF has presented this year.

“We are on a nationwide awareness campaign to explain why the foundation was established four years ago,” stated ACSF President Bryan Burns. The ACSF is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the safety and security of air charter and fractional aircraft ownership operations in the United States and worldwide.

ACSF staff will present at the following business aviation association forums in the upcoming months:

  • 8/24/11 – Georgia Business Aviation Association
  • 9/30/11 – Colorado Business Aviation Association
  • 11/9/11 – Minnesota Business Aviation Association

“These forums are great venues to educate the aviation community about the ACSF and to provide a better understanding of our overall membership benefits that include safety tools, resources and events,” concluded Burns.

ACSF membership continues to grow with the addition of 30 new members since last year. To learn more about the foundation and its benefits, visit .

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nullNATA's Safety 1st Summer Webinar Series – Great Fuel QC Tips

NATA's summer series of webinars has ended, but it doesn’t mean your team can’t benefit from our industry experts and the latest tips, techniques and knowledge they give on Fuel Quality Control and how to put it into practical use. You may purchase the recorded versions of single webinars or receive special pricing on packages to access the entire recorded series and our Refueling and Quality Control Procedures Guide. Look below for recaps of each webinar.

The Fuel QC webinar series lineup includes:

Recording of June 29 Webinar - 1st in Series 
Fuel Receipt Procedures by Reed Fuller with Ascent Aviation and The Basics of Aviation Fuel Filtration And Mandatory Specifications by Frank Clark with Facet International.

Attendees asked, "Where can we get publications such as ATA-103, EI-1581, 1582 and ASTMs for avgas and jet?," “Do I have to do an API Gravity test; the truck driver said I didn't need to do one since he did it at the terminal?” and “What is the best way for me to check to make sure our employees are doing their QC checks?" and more....

Recording of July 20 Webinar - 2nd in Series
If You Didn't Write It Down, Did You Actually Do It by Walter Chartrand with Air BP Aviation and Contaminants In Fuel And How To Detect Them by Frank Clark with Facet International.

NATA's Quality Control (QC) webinar was well received by more than 15 FBO locations attending to hear Walter Chartrand, Air BP Aviation, and Frank Clark, Facet International, discuss "If you didn't write it down, did you actually do it?" and contaminants in fuel and how to detect them. Chartrand stressed that when you perform your QC checks you must write them down; otherwise, how can you prove you did them? Chartrand also had sage advice on the use of wing decals, nozzles, forms/online recordkeeping and the key to maintaining a sharp QC attitude. Clark covered the leading causes of contamination and what your operation can do to prevent or stop future occurrences.

Attendees posed many pertinent questions such as, "When is the best time to sump tanks?" and "Our hydrant carts were contaminated by surfactants but our fuel trucks were not (loaded from rack off same fuel system); what are the suspected causes for the contamination?" and more....

Recording of August 3 Webinar - 3rd in Series
The Straight Scoop On Additives by Carl Hammonds with Hammonds Companies and Filtration And Separation Options by Frank Clark with Facet International.

NATA's Quality Control (QC) webinar was attended by more than 17 FBO locations to hear Carl Hammonds, Hammonds Technical Services, and Frank Clark, Facet International, talk about fuel additives and filtration and separation options. Hammonds reviewed the common myths and popular theories of fuel additives and set the record straight for attendees on how to deal best with contamination. Clark reviewed filter/separator specifications and the separation processes involved.

Several interesting questions were posed the speakers, including "Is an airplane that has been treated for microbial activity safe to fly?" and "I currently have monitor vessels on the Jet-A discharge from storage in my tank farm, can I continue to use these vessels or must I change to filter/separator vessels?" and more....

Recording of August 17 Webinar – 4th in Series
An Aircraft Operator's View Of QC by Trace Talley with Flight Options and Filter Equipment Maintenance Procedures: How And Why - What ATA-103 Requires by Frank Clark with Facet International.

At the webinar, attended by more than 16 FBOs, attendees asked, “On my fuel storage tank at the Farm, I do not have a gauge to verify what is the rate of flow; how can this be verified, Frank?,” “You mentioned EI 6th Edition for filter elements. Is there a 6th edition only for Monitors, or is there now a 6th edition for Filter/Separators as well and Trace?,” “Does Flight Options share standards, and how would we get available copies?” and more....

For more information or to purchase access to the recorded webinar series, visit Webinars may be purchased as part of a package deal or individually based on your operation's needs. 

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nullAviation Business Journal Q3 Issue Now Available

The third quarter Aviation Business Journal is in the mail and is also now available at or by clicking here.

In This Issue:

  • Member Profile: World Fuel Services Corporation
  • Avoid A Training Credit Crises
  • NATA Responds to President Obama’s Comments
  • Employee Engagement
  • A Changing FBO Business Model
  • And much more…

The new issue will arrive in your mailbox soon. In the meantime, please flip through online. Visit to take a look at past editions.

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Advertising in NATA’s weekly newsletter allows 7,000 readers to learn more about your organization or a featured product you offer. These newsletters are sent to segments of the membership based on their area of interest. On average, more than 12,000 visitors browse per month. Imagine getting your message to that many people, in addition to your own marketing efforts!  

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nullFact Of The Week – Aviation Fuel Quality Control

Aviation fuel quality control is the process of ensuring that only clean, dry, on specification fuel is pumped into aircraft. Beyond that mission, however, quality control also focuses on ensuring that fuel is handled safely, and that means focusing on fire safety. One of the key components to fire safety is understanding the various physical properties of the different types of aviation fuels. Two of those properties are flashpoint and rate of flame spread.

Flashpoint - The lowest temperature at which a liquid gives off sufficient vapors to create an ignitable mixture of fuel and air:

Jet A Flash Point=  +100° F                 

100LL Avgas Flashpoint = -50° F

Rate of Flame Spread - The speed at which flames travel across the surface of a body of fuel:

Flame spread for an avgas fire is 30 times faster than for a jet a fire

Knowing and understanding what these properties mean in fire prevention and extinguishing can be the difference between life and death in an emergency.

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