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Wednesday, 12 May, 2021

Colonial Pipeline Update: A Message to Aircraft Operators

With the ongoing Colonial Pipeline shutdown, NATA has been in communication with U.S. jet fuel suppliers and FBOs on what aircraft operators could expect in the coming days. While we are hearing that the general aviation market is not currently experiencing widespread jet fuel outages, this status could quickly change if the pipeline is not restored by the end of this week, especially in east coast markets where the Colonial Pipeline supplies 45% of all refined fuels.

Many FBOs in these markets are enacting minimum uplift policies. As a result, aircraft operators traveling to affected areas should plan accordingly, such as tankering fuel when traveling from unaffected regions and communicating with their destination FBO prior to arrival to determine its anticipated supply. Please note, gasoline shortages may also affect ground transportation.   

According to Colonial, operations are expected to resume substantially by end of week with many smaller, lateral pipelines already back online. Aircraft operators are advised to plan and prepare until the pipeline is fully restored.As the situation remains fluid, NATA will maintain communications with fuel suppliers and FBOs to report real-time information.

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