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Monday, 01 June, 2020

NATA Launches New Pilot Group Term Life Insurance Program

Exclusively offered to pilots and their spouses and employees of aviation companies

Washington, DC, June 1, 2020 –  Today, the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) is pleased to announce a brand-new life insurance program for pilots and their spouses in conjunction with Harvey W. Watt & Co. (HWC). Through NATA’s Pilot Group Term Life Insurance Program , HWC leverages 73,000-existing pilot-clients to provide one of the best combinations of coverage and rates available, making this offering extremely competitive and beneficial to NATA members and others in the aviation business community.

The NATA Pilot Group Term Life Insurance  Program offers:

  • high coverage limits of $1.5M without future health inquiries
  • competitive industry-leading rates
  • portability that can be kept regardless of changes to your employer, health, or association status

“Many pilots have expressed a need for a life insurance program or supplemental coverage through a quality association group plan and we are pleased to now make that available through our partnership with Harvey Watt. The NATA Pilot Group Term Life Insurance now marks the 4 th member program in our suite of insurance offerings,” stated Timothy Obitts, NATA President & CEO.

“With this coverage, pilots, spouses, and even non-pilot NATA member employees can enroll. We encourage you to compare the rates for this coverage against others and, note, there is only one exclusion (suicide), which is removed after 2 years of program participation,” added Rob Alston, Director of Operations at Harvey Watt & Co.

Interested parties can sign up directly
here or learn more by visiting


About Harvey W. Watt & Co. 

Harvey Watt has a long history working for pilots, giving us the vital experience and knowledge to protect their potential and keep them flying. Serving over 73,000 pilots, we are the largest provider and manager of professional pilot disability insurance, life insurance, and AeroMedical services. Harvey Watt's success spans over six decades thanks to our unique understanding of what is required of pilots and how to insure it. We manage pilot disability programs for almost every major U.S. Airline and provide unique, supplemental life and disability products for many of them. We develop disability insurance, life insurance, supplemental LTD insurance, and AeroMedical Advisory plans in order to meet the needs of employers, unions, and individuals. Many insurance companies will only write Loss of License Pilot Disability Plans for pilots working with Harvey Watt because they have seen the cost-saving benefits of partnering with us. Learn more at .


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