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Thursday, 16 March, 2023

NATA Provides GA Risk Management Perspective at FAA Safety Summit

National Air Transportation Association (NATA) COO Keith DeBerry and Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Alan Stephens provided a voice for aviation businesses and 135 operators at the FAA Aviation Safety Summit in McLean, VA on March 15. Agency and industry leaders convened to discuss recent issues impacting the safety of the National Airspace System (NAS) and examine actions the aviation community should review and consider to maintain its excellent safety record.

“NATA was pleased to provide the business aviation perspective in discussions on safety risk management with stakeholders from across the general aviation ecosystem,” NATA COO Keith DeBerry.

Following the opening session, DeBerry and Stephens shared four key areas of future focus for general aviation safety in an afternoon breakout:

•    Human factors: shortage of skilled pilots, retention, and pilot professionalism.
•    Ground operations: runway excursions, ramp safety, and towing.
•    FAA interoperability: SMS implementation, safety data collection, and new inspector workforce.
•    Risk factors: aircraft automation, Loss of Control (LOC) – circling approaches, and supply chain issues.

“Our members identified these focus areas during a NATA-led 2022 Business Aviation Safety Roundtable and have also shared potential solutions,” added DeBerry.

“With the existing SMS programs for the FAA and part 121 operators, the impending implementation of airport SMS, and the proposed SMS rule for parts 135, 91.147, and 21, the NAS will soon reap the benefits of a more comprehensive safety management approach,” said NATA Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Alan Stephens.

“We look forward to future opportunities to participate in identifying specific hazards, analyzing safety risk, assessing those risks, and recommending changes to or additional safety risk controls for the NAS,” added Stephens.

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