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##Date##                                                                                                Volume 8 Issue 23


NATA is the National Air Transportation Association 

Founded in 1940, NATA aggressively promotes safety and the success of aviation service businesses through its advocacy efforts before government, the media and the public as well as by providing valuable programs and forums to further its members’ prosperity.


Upcoming Events

Air Charter Summit - Washington - Dulles - June 8, 2009

FBO Leadership Conference - Washington - Dulles - June 9, 2009

Line Service Supervisor Training - Clearwater, FL - June 15, 2009
Accident Prevention via Human Factors - Clearwater, FL - June 17, 2009

NATA Safety 1st Safety Management System (SMS) Workshop -Omaha, NE - June 23, 2009 


Professional Line Service Training 


PLST Online provides the most up-to-date training available for line service specialists – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Line service supervisors can conduct the new PLST Online training anytime and from anywhere there is access to the Web.   

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139 Fire Safety Training Online

This training not only meets and exceeds the requirements of 14 CFR 139.321 but also allows you to interact with other students in a group learning environment, receive the very latest NFPA news, watch live training presentations and much more.

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Hard-hitting Programs To Boost Your Business AND Raise Your Spirits
It is not too late! Register Onsite Starting Today!
Boost Your Business

NATA’s Air Charter Summit and FBO Leadership Conference programs are packed with the necessary elements to give your business an edge now and in the future.

FAA And TSA Updates

Top Officials Address The Latest Initiatives For Part 135 And Airports

Insider Insight On GA Manufacturing

Airframe Manufacturers Executives Forum

Positive Public Perception As One Of The Prescriptions For Recovery

What You Can Do To Curb The Public & Media Attack On Business Aviation

Campaign To Restore GA’s Reputation

Luncheon With Keynote Speaker Craig Fuller
General Aviation Serves America Campaign

Ensure Repeat Business With Unsurpassed Customer Service

Radar On – Antenna Up…Fulfilling Customers’ Unexpressed Wishes

Business Intelligence

Informative Sessions On The Criminalization of Aviation Accidents, Positioning Your Business For Success, Responding To Enforcement Actions and NFPA 409: Building Fire Codes For Aviation Hangars

Raise Your Spirits
The Summit and Leadership Conference programs also give you several opportunities to raise your spirits. Join us for some uplifting fun at a dinner performance by the Capitol Steps, toast our industry’s finest during an awards breakfast, experience motivational stories and share some spirits with friends at our networking receptions.

Create Lasting Contacts And Memories At Networking Receptions

Both the Summit and the Leadership Conference feature networking receptions. End the day with friends new and seasoned. Discuss the events of the day, ponder the future, talk business or just relax…the choice is yours.

Enjoy An Evening Of Levity And Hilarity

Wednesday Reception and Dinner with Entertainment by the Capitol Steps

Celebrate The Accomplishments Of Seven Of The Industry’s Finest

NATA Industry Awards Breakfast with Guest Speaker

Motivation To Win Against All Odds

Guest Speaker Jim Larranaga, Head Coach, GMU Men’s Basketball Team

For more information, visit for the Air Charter Summit (June 8-10) and for the FBO Leadership Conference (June 9-11). It is not too late to register! Onsite registration hours are: Monday, June 8, from 5-9 p.m.; Tuesday, June 9, and Wednesday, June 10, from 7 a.m.-5 p.m.; and Thursday, June 11, from 7 a.m.-11 a.m. Please call the Westfields Marriott directly at (703) 818-0300 for housing reservations.


Van Gemert, Ballough And Five Other Industry Luminaries Receive Top NATA Honors
NATA annually recognizes individuals, offices, and organizations demonstrating excellence in their field and the highest level of customer service. NATA’s Industry Excellence Awards are given to exceptional individuals and organizations that have helped improve the general aviation community. This year’s winners will be honored in a ceremony during NATA’s Air Charter Summit and FBO Leadership Conference this week (June 10) at the Westfields Marriott in Dulles, Virginia.

Richard (Dick) Van Gemert receives NATA’s highest honor, the William A. Ong Memorial Award – named in honor and memory of Bill Ong, NATA's co-founder and its first president. Van Gemert is being honored for extraordinary achievement and extended meritorious service to the general aviation industry.

This year’s NATA's Distinguished Service Award, recognizing outstanding service and ongoing contributions to the industry, goes to the FAA’s former long-time director of the Flight Standards Service, James J. Ballough.

William (Bill) Garvey, editor-in-chief of Business & Commercial Aviation, will receive the Aviation Journalism Award that identifies a journalist, writer, or publication excelling in consumer education or editorial support that is beneficial to the FBO/Air Charter industry.

The DuPage FSDO will be recognized, as an FAA facility representing the highest degree of customer service and elevating the quality of interaction between the FAA and aircraft maintenance and repair facilities, Part 135 certificate holders, airport service organizations, and flight schools, as the recipient of NATA’s FAA Customer Service Excellence Award.

The ATP/NATA General Aviation Service Technician Award, sponsored by Aircraft Technical Publishers, acknowledges the exceptional performance of a licensed airframe and power plant mechanic or radio repairman who has practiced his or her craft for a period of 20 or more years. Jimmy Ray, chief inspector for Million Air Salt Lake City, fits that bill well as a respected, accomplished licensed A&P who has been involved in aviation for 31 years.

The Airport Executive Partnership Award, sponsored by Airport Business Magazine, will go to Gary Schmidt as an airport manager whose outstanding efforts nurture the relationships between aviation businesses and airport operators. Schmidt is the director of reliever airports for the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metropolitan Airports Commission.

Bill W. Griggs, co-owner of Aviation Facilities Inc., will be awarded the Excellence In Pilot Training Award for his outstanding contributions in safety, professionalism, leadership, and excellence in the field of pilot training.

Click here to view the full press release.


Congress Passes TSA Reauthorization Legislation; Security Directive Amendment Accepted
Last Thursday, Congress overwhelmingly passed H.R. 2200, the TSA Reauthorization Act of 2009. An important amendment to the bill was approved to ease problems that have arisen from security directives issued by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Representatives John Mica (R-FL), Sam Graves (R-MO), Vernon Ehlers (R-MI), and Thomas Petri (R-WI) offered an amendment to H.R. 2200 requiring the TSA to go through the federal rulemaking process after a security directive (SD) has been in effect for more than 180 days.

In addition, an amendment was included to add Guantanamo Bay detainees to no-fly watchlists automatically. Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-MS) offered an amendment containing several provisions in areas where the Department of Homeland Security’s jurisdiction borders on the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, particularly a section updating public transportation security grants. Under current law, the allowable amount of public transportation security grants that can be used for operational costs (as opposed to capital costs) was to decline from 30 percent in FY 2009 to 20 percent in FY 2010 and 10 percent in FY 2011. The Thompson amendment will keep the percentage at 30 percent in 2010 and 2011. Additionally, this provision sets parameters for general aviation security grants.

To view NATA’s Press Release on H.R. 2200, please click here.

To view the legislative report on H.R. 2200 please click here.


Membership Update - Security Directive (SD) 1542-04-08G
Recently, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) issued Security Directive (SD) 1542-04-08G as a revision to version 08F. The compliance date for this directive was June 1, 2009. The TSA has indicated that the revisions and clarifications contained in SD 1542-04-08G will address the concerns of the general aviation industry. Because the SD is classified as Sensitive Security Information (SSI), NATA has been unable to review the actual SD and remains concerned about potential issues arising as airports implement the directive.

In order to assist its ongoing efforts to change TSA policy and procedures concerning the issuance of security directives, the association is asking its membership to contact NATA staff should any issues arise during the implementation of SD 1542-04-08G. NATA will use this feedback to address industry concerns and incidents related to the implementation of this SD directly with TSA officials. Providing first-hand compliance data to decision-makers at the TSA will demonstrate that issuing wide-reaching regulatory changes via security directives, and thus excluding industry experts from participation, is both ineffective and causes damage to our industry.

NATA remains concerned that the TSA continues to issue security directives to promulgate regulations affecting a broad category of previously unregulated individuals. NATA understands the importance of not disclosing certain security procedures and policies; however, many of the mandates imposed by the latest security directives will be public knowledge upon their implementation, thus negating the importance of non-disclosure in their implementation.

Due to the large number, and varied interests, of the general aviation pilots, service providers and aircraft owners who will continue to be affected by the SD, NATA believes that it is imperative that the TSA approach the issue of securing the AOA of commercial airports by issuing a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. By following this time-tested process of federal rulemaking, the TSA will allow those affected by the proposed rule to voice their concerns and suggestions on the best methods for securing the AOA.

If you encounter any issues relating to SD 1542-04-08G compliance, please contact:

Mike France
Manager of Regulatory Affairs
National Air Transportation Association
(800) 808-6282


NATA Releases Airport Sponsors Guide to Minimum Standards
As a value added benefit to its membership, NATA released its 2009 revision of its Airport Sponsors Guide to Minimum Standards and Airport Rules & Regulations on Friday. The guide is a comprehensive review of all federal guidance on the creation, implementation and revision of airport minimum standards, and covers such topics as:
  • History of federal aid to airports
  • Federal Grant Assurances
  • Evaluating the airport environment
  • Airport sponsors rights
  • Exclusive Rights
  • Airport rules & regulations

The 2009 revision of the Airports Sponsors Guide to Minimum Standards and Airport Rules & Regulations has been completely rewritten and is designed to present airport sponsors with a thorough review of the important concerns when developing and implementing minimum standards. This revision also focused on reorganizing topics and presenting them in an easy to read and understand format.

The guide will be an important resource for airport sponsors trying to ensure sustainable growth and increased service levels at their airport. Airport commercial service providers will also find this guide invaluable as a tool to understanding the many issues surrounding minimum standards.

The Airport Sponsors Guide to Minimum Standards and Airport Rules & Regulations is available online now to NATA members at or by clicking here.


Teterboro Airport to Experience Temporary Runway Closures during July
A project to rehabilitate Runway 6/24 at Teterboro Airport (TEB) is scheduled to begin this month. Temporary airport closures will be required as a result of work conducted at the intersection of Runways 6/24 and 1/19.

There are two 36-hour weekend airport closures planned: Friday, July 10, through Sunday, July 12; and Friday, July 17, through Sunday, July 19. These closures will begin at 2300 local time on Friday evening and continue until 1100 local time on Sunday morning. The airport will be closed to fixed-wing traffic during the two periods; however, helicopter operations will still be permitted.

Operators are cautioned to check NOTAMs for the latest information.


Ask Your Member Of Congress To Join The House General Aviation Caucus Today
Recently, Members of the U.S. House of Representatives created the new General Aviation Caucus. The General Aviation Caucus, sponsored by NATA, the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association, the General Aviation Manufacturers Association, the National Business Aviation Association and the Experimental Aircraft Association, was created to educate Members of Congress on issues important to the general aviation industry and build consensus of the important role the general aviation industry plays in the American economy. Since its creation a little more than a month ago, the General Aviation Caucus has attracted more than 50 Members of Congress.

NATA members are encouraged to contact their Members of the U.S. House of Representatives and urge them to become a member of the General Aviation Caucus by utilizing the association’s grassroots action call. NATA’s grassroots action call on the House General Aviation Caucus can be viewed by clicking here.

For more information, please contact Kristen Moore on the NATA staff.


NATA Partners With Wyvern Consulting To Support And Market IC Check
NATA has named Wyvern Consulting the exclusive sales and support organization for the recently launched “IC Check” – the only comprehensive compliance-driven flight release system for professionally flown general aviation aircraft operations.

“The Part 121 community has been using flight releases for decades to ensure regulatory compliance and to improve safety,” said NATA President James K. Coyne. “After four years of development and testing, operators of professionally-flown general aviation aircraft now have a cost-effective and easy way to confirm and track compliance on a flight-by-flight basis.”

“We’re very excited about IC Check partnering with Wyvern to manage the ongoing support requirements and the introduction of the product to the most safety-conscience operators. Wyvern has developed an extremely comprehensive safety data platform and is backed by a knowledgeable team of support and analysis personnel,” Coyne added.

IC Check is an online application whose primary goal is to assess whether individual flights for which an operator exercises operational control are flown with a legal crew, legal passengers, legal aircraft and legal flight parameters. The system applies up to 300 algorithms to analyze the data for each trip segment and confirms compliance with all applicable Federal Aviation Regulations as well as company, customer, industry and insurance requirements.

Please click here to view the entire press release on this partnership.


June LSST And Accident Prevention Seminars To Be Held In Conjunction With FATA Annual Convention
Line Service Supervisor Training and Accident Prevention via Human Factors Training Seminars, June 15-17
The NATA Line Service Supervisor Training (LSST) is coming to Clearwater Beach, FL, on June 15-16, 2009. This seminar, specifically designed for Line Service Supervisors, provides the training you need to become more proficient in supervising staff, motivating others, communicating and coaching a team. This high-impact, high-energy seminar includes guided group activities, role playing exercises, interactive games and various case studies designed to take you to a new level of leadership. Hear from dynamic speakers, including Dr. Todd Dewett, Reed Fuller, Walter Chartrand, and Dr. Mario Martinez, the safest, most cost effective methods to manage your line service and supervise your staff. Also, meet NATA Manager of Regulatory Affairs, Mike France.

NATA's highly interactive Accident Prevention via Human Factors Training seminar will be held at the same location on June 17 to provide more bang for your traveling and training budget. This seminar has been specifically designed to enhance FBO safety by helping you identify and replace risky practices with safe ones. Proper training is key to improving the situational awareness and decision-making necessary to break the chain of events that occur prior to every accident. Tom Salmon, with over 35 years of experience in commercial and military aviation, focuses on safety management from a proactive perspective to help save lives, reduce injuries and benefit your bottom line. The Accident Prevention via Human Factors Training seminar will be held only once this year. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover how to ensure the highest level of line safety, while lowering your potential for risk and liability.

Click on any of the above links to find more information about each seminar or to register. You may also visit and click on the Events Calendar tab to learn more about all of NATA's educational opportunities. NATA's 2009 Educational Opportunities Catalog is available for download by clicking here.


NATA's SMS Workshop To Be Held June 23

NATA’s Safety 1st Management System (SMS) Workshop brings you helpful assistance with your SMS manual. Our one-day workshop, which will be held June 23 in Omaha, NE, assists attendees in the development and implementation of the company’s safety management system. We will conduct in-depth discussions on SMS concepts and provide helpful templates to assist with manual development. The workshops supplement the ongoing monthly Webcasts and provide interactive question-and-answer sessions. There will be only one more opportunity to attend an SMS Workshop this year - September 16 in Long Beach, CA.


NATA Weekly Survey
Should NATA offer more Web-based educational seminars in 2010 than live, in-person events?

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Environmental Fact Of The Week

NATA’s quick facts on the aviation industry's effect on the environment are designed to ensure that members take every step necessary to minimize the effect aviation has on the environment while recognizing the initiatives the industry has taken to reduce global warming.

As attention is focused on greenhouse gas emissions, global warming and “Cap and Trade” aviation businesses would be well served to remember that environmental compliance starts with the small stuff. No aviation business has yet been fined for emitting too much carbon dioxide, but businesses have received penalties for throwing the wrong items in trash cans, not keeping proper records and not having the proper equipment. The complexity of environmental regulation can be overwhelming, but NATA has a solution — the NATA environmental compliance seminar.

The NATA Environmental Compliance Seminar for Aviation Facilities is the only event that focuses solely on environmental compliance issues confronting FBOs and general aviation airports. Topics covered in the seminar includes:

  • Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) regulations and the new parts that will take effect on July 1, 2009
  • Storm Water Permitting and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Waste Issues (hazardous waste, universal waste, waste oil and waste fuel)
  • Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)



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